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    EPISODE 103 — Zardoz

    Just logged in to ditto this! Corrections and omissions!
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    Ben & Arthur

    Apparently known at "the gay The Room". The script and production values are just as bad (or worse), but the acting does not achieve the summits of bad found in The Room. It's just very, very bad. There is alas very little screaming. On the other hand we do have one actor bowing his head to hide the fact that he's making the sound effect of a phone ringing. Really. See the Buzzfeed interview of the writer/director/composer/producer/gofer here. I've just seen it. It is excruciatingly bad. It had one theatrical screening, then was distributed on DVD. Does that make it eligible for HDTGM? I hope so. A great game is watching the props move from one set to another. In particular the faux stained glass in the main characters' bedroom is used to show that we're in the office of the parish priest (cum hitman broker). Also in his office, a folding card table that serves as his desk, and a folding chair we see in just about every location used.