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    Episode 472 - Pleats, Please!

    This episode was amazing. One of the best I've heard in a long time
  2. I loved this whole episode but I could not get over the image of Bono bicycling around in disguise as a Hasidic Jew. NYC is one of the few places in this country (if not the only place) where that disguise would make any sense. So, either Bono procured it upon arrival or else owns a Hasidic Jew disguise that he brings with him only on trips to NYC. I'm not sure what's more hilarious.
  3. Don't worry - Rolling Stone will soon print a retraction saying that their trust was misplaced in whoever had listened to the new U2 album.
  4. I think this was this guy's stab at anti-anti-anti-comedy, which is basically being super serious about an absurd podcast.
  5. It has occurred to me that Scott's C+ grading system is basically an attack on the problems of grade inflation.
  6. I was listening to the ep in the shower when my wife walked in the bathroom right at the beginning of the Prisoner of Azkaban bit. She was absolutely bewildered because she couldn't even tell that it was from a podcast. Doesn't everyone shower to the sound of people dramatically reading the titles of Harry Potter books?
  7. Invisible definitely should have been on, but I'd drop Sleep Like a Baby. I like "This Is Where," but it just sounds like they're covering another band's song to me.
  8. I just realized that it's a little unsettling how much "This Is Where You Can Reach Me" sounds like a mash-up of Radiohead and Foals.
  9. Might need to change it again to "Songs of Incontinence." Awesome cover though.
  10. Is this a gif of his catch phrase from Party Down?
  11. daninbrooklyn


    For anyone wanting more, go back and listen to old eps of Comedy Bang Bang with Adam Scott as guest (non-Farts and Pro though), because amazingly, the dynamic is very similar. I've re-listened twice - contemplating another in anticipation of new eps with the album release.
  12. I feel like this album is a better execution of what they were going for with No Line, especially with all of the experimentation and attempt at being a little edgier. It's also more emotionally accessible because the lyrics are more personal. In my opinion, this effectively breaks off All That You Can't Leave Behind and Atom Bomb into their own two-album group.
  13. I have a sneaking suspicion (hope!) that they have someone from the band lined up to be on the podcast but that they haven't revealed this because they were waiting for the album release/press tour. I mean, Scott managed to pull an interview with Obama for Between Two Ferns - surely Bono is not an impossible "get" after that.