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    EPISODE 130 — Rubbing Plants On Ourselves

    Does anyone have the phone number for the podcast bursar? I'd like to request a full refund.
  2. This is a poor substitute for Nerd Poker with Vin Diesel and Brian Posehn and Friends, but who wouldn't want Vin to be their DM? http://mkopas.net/files/diesel.html NOTE: I did not create this, I just saw it linked elsewhere and thought Brian Posehn and Friends (and fans) might enjoy it. NOTE2: Click on the picture or the text of your selection to advance. NOTE3: In my head I heard Ken narrating the whole thing as Vin. -- Etaoin
  3. etaoin

    EPISODE 121 — Do It As A Tusken Raider

    Can you upload it somewhere and post a link as I'm too lazy to extract it myself? Please and thanks, Etaoin
  4. etaoin

    EPISODE 117 — Blainal Beads of Force

    And it has to be in ALL CAPS!