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  1. creamysteaks

    halloween suggestions

    The new reboot of Leprechaun is absolute garbage, from what I hear. Haven't seen it yet, but I'm looking for an excuse to subject myself to it.
  2. creamysteaks

    Most Awkward Podcast episodes

    In general I think it's pretty easy for a DLM to turn a bit awkward. When you've got that many people together & you're playing a game where there are varying levels of giving a shit, there is bound to be tension. Sometimes I find it hard to finish one, but only because I get flashbacks to family games of Monopoly & Trivial Pursuit gone dark. Two podcasts that really stand out to me (that haven't been mentioned) as being awkward are the CBB with Will Forte. Before PFT arrives it seems like Will Forte shuts down every time Scott tries to riff too much. I remember a good 10 minutes of Will Forte just talking about how great the director of Nebraska was, and how nervous he was to do a serious movie, punctuated by Scott trying to make some jokes that Will Forte just moves right along from. I like Will Forte, I think he just wasn't sure what was going on or he just really wanted to talk about Nebraska. It really picks up for everyone once Richard Harrow is on the scene. Then also the WTF with Annabelle Gurwitch & Jefff Kahn. The two of them are married and they seem to really hate each other - at first it seems like a playful albeit awkward schtick, but eventually it seems to just devolve into the kind of barbs you see between a couple the night before a murder-suicide. Call me a softie, but it made me really unhappy. Marc tries to play along with them but sometimes it seems like he feels uncomfortable too, and that's saying something. Also, more pube talk than I can handle. I hate when Marc talks sex, those Adam & Eve ads used to make me feel so uncomfortable. My first podcast I ever listened to was actually the WTF with Gallagher, so I have a lot of affection for the awkward ones.
  3. creamysteaks

    Any HDTGM Movies that you consider good?

    I truly think Halloween III: Season of the Witch is good movie. The accents, yeah, weird...but did you see those kids turn into just piles of bugs? The theme song, the plot, the bug piles, it's just great. I'm a big horror fan though, so there are things that I forgive in a movie that perhaps others don't. Bad acting & gratuitous anything, for example. I also enjoy Sleepaway Camp, but I'm willing to admit that it isn't actually all that good up until the last 2 minutes. The big reveal makes it all worth it, though! I also really love the Devil's Advocate, Keanu not-withstanding. It's just super dark for a major Hollywood picture & yeah, I think Pacino makes a great devil.
  4. creamysteaks

    killer clowns

    I had to register & post immediately when I saw this thread on Reddit - finally, the world of unsolved mysteries & comedy podcasts converge! Jason's not alone, and it may or may not have been aliens or medieval devils. Or just wild teens.