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  1. I need to start posting on this forum regularly, goddammit.
  2. MichaelTheis

    Episode 50 — BriTANicK, Our Close Friends

    Gil - Since your show "Brooklyn" is entering its 99th season, how can you keep it fresh and avoid treading on well worn topics covered in the previous 98 seasons?
  3. MichaelTheis

    Episode 50 — BriTANicK, Our Close Friends

    Great ep. I learned a lot about how videogames, which used to not be movies, but are now getting close to being movies. But I almost didn't listen to the episode because the intro about Ana Gasteyer's scary ants was almost too scary to bear. Anyways, congrats on episode 50. Does this mean you guys have to negotiate a new 25 episode contract with Scott Anchorman? I hear the prior Earwolf CEO quit because you totally owned him in the last set of negotiations, and there was no more Coca-Cola to drink in the fridge because your lawyers drove such a hard bargain.