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  1. I wanted to post about this book after listening to the episode that discussed True Detective, but I'm glad I get to talk about it on a more recent podcast. A lot of the source material for TD has a high leaning toward Nihilism and thusly, apocalyptic subject matter. One book in particular, Zachary Thacker's In the Dust of This Planet, is based solely on the discussion of possible dystopias and how society uses the apocalyptic allegories to understand life. I don’t want to gas on about it too much, but it is very good at dissecting what it is about the world and darkness that we fear. Trying to see how the ideas presented to us through film, television, and even folktales have cemented themselves in our subconscious. We react and predict without any thought because the narrative for possible societal destruction has already been spoon fed to us for years. It’s just a real neato book and y’all should look into it. Edit: Also, there's a film called Contracted (2013) that follows a girl who is slowly turning into a zombie. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be a parable about how drug addiction and reckless behavior can ruin your life, but it's basically a girl rotting away into zombiehood. Another couple good "from a zombie perspective" movies might be My Boyfriend's Back (1993) and The Revnant (2009).
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    Episode 94.5 — Minisode 94.5

    If Nic Cage was in Glitter as a new music sensation with Kathleen Turner, wouldn't that essentially be an alternate-reality version of Peggy Sue Got Married? Instead of Nic being the new Elvis he would be the new Dion. It would be a great follow up to the original, showing the story from Charlie Bodell's perspective. Nic goes back in time, he saves himself from becoming a pathetic appliance salesman and he saves his music career as well his relationship with Peggy.... just sayin'.