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  1. https://soundcloud.com/user-189090905/pluggbootsareugly
  2. J.Pave

    Your favorite non earwolf podcasts?

    The K-Ohle has really interesting ideas for episodes too. Course WTF and Nerdist
  3. J.Pave

    Your favorite non earwolf podcasts?

    Risk!, Superego, The Dana Gould Hour Dana Gould kills it.
  4. J.Pave

    Podcasting Gear Talk

    I'm currently using a Bronstein LM - 15 Lapel microphone that I use threw my Android phone. Programs I'm using right now are phone based. I'm not looking to edit til the end of the summer. Any suggestions for editing programs? or a better mic that is adaptable to android? (The podcast i'm working on is quite mobile and therefore I need something that can move with both guests and myself.) With that note. What do you think Kurt Braunohler uses for the "Get Lost" K Ohle episodes? I think I'm gonna go with the Rode SmartLav. Any opinions on this mic?
  5. J.Pave


    Hey! Does any one know of a HIGH quality lapel microphone that is compatible with android? Looking for a way to make things quick and easy on the go.