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  1. Here was mine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiMjqPSokjk
  2. It's only because this is totally anonymous that I can admit it now. But it's taken me thirty years to go look up the lyrics to "Bandwagon" and discover that Michael Stipe& wasn't singing "you won't hurt the whores."
  3. DirkBender

    Episode 787 - Acting Out on a Subway

    Looking forward to forcing my teenage kid to listen to this one.
  4. DirkBender

    Episode 90 - Should You Vote?

    Some of that was rather painful. I mean, Trump-fanboy painful. I guess the worst was James' groaner about how "we're not a democracy, we're a Republic!" -- kinda stopped listening after that.
  5. DirkBender

    EPISODE 22 - U2 Talk 2 U

    So it was a busy, complicated summer and somehow I didn't know that this episode existed until about a week ago. (Guess I thought 22 = 21, inasmuch as ASA had already "interviewed" the band previously backstage, or something, and I guess perhaps the preview stuff I saw on the homepage didn't do the enormity of this episode justice.) And maybe it's lame to post here and say "how great was that? I'm so happy this happened." But seriously, how great was that? I'm so happy this happened.
  6. DirkBender

    EPISODE 378 — Mailer Daemon

    Now that's a catchphrase I could get behind.
  7. Good stuff overall, and thanks for the reminder that absolutely nothing we're hearing about is going to matter, and won't matter until we've got at least a couple of primaries/caucuses (cauci?) under our belts. I'm sure it wasn't intentional due to cross-talk between Dan & Alex, but boy, it's clear as day on at least three or four occasions listening to this one that Kristi's trying to get a word in edgewise and not succeeding.
  8. DirkBender

    EPISODE 694 - Throwback Jerseys

    I wonder what Andrew and guest would think of me donning one of these in the ATL?
  9. DirkBender

    EPISODE 692 - Ol' Man River

    I'm kinda glad Jay and Andrew had this little chat about jazz.
  10. DirkBender

    EPISODE 687 - Adoption

    I agree; I guess I was taking some comfort in knowing that odds are about 99.99% against her actually even trying to make good on this business, so let her run her stupid yap.
  11. DirkBender

    EPISODE 687 - Adoption

    Well, she may have discussed such things, but talk's cheap, y'know? I don't think many, if even any, folks actually adopt transracially for those flippant reasons.
  12. DirkBender

    EPISODE 688 - Walk Like An Egyptian

    Ok, that was funny.
  13. DirkBender

    EPISODE 687 - Adoption

    Yeah. I kinda hope the caller reads this forum thread, after having to hear that drek.
  14. DirkBender

    EPISODE 687 - Adoption

    They pretty much blew this one. The "discussion" -- you know, the thing Andrew and Natasha seemed most troubled by -- is between prospective adoptive parents, not in a big group of folks at a dinner party. If those people can't talk about a decision they have to make among themselves, who would be allowed to discuss it? And where? Also (and yeah, I get the "we don't do research" rule), they're pretty clueless about the process. When we filled out the paperwork to foster a child, we learned you don't get to just ignore the question which is basically "do you have a preference about race?" --along with the preferred age, level of ability, gender, etc., of course. It's something my better half and I had to confront before we ever decided to bring another person into our family, and we did talk about it. Even to -- shudder! -- a few friends and family!
  15. DirkBender

    EPISODE 19 - Malibu

    My take prezactly.