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  1. So it was a busy, complicated summer and somehow I didn't know that this episode existed until about a week ago. (Guess I thought 22 = 21, inasmuch as ASA had already "interviewed" the band previously backstage, or something, and I guess perhaps the preview stuff I saw on the homepage didn't do the enormity of this episode justice.)

    And maybe it's lame to post here and say "how great was that? I'm so happy this happened."

    But seriously, how great was that? I'm so happy this happened.

  2. Good stuff overall, and thanks for the reminder that absolutely nothing we're hearing about is going to matter, and won't matter until we've got at least a couple of primaries/caucuses (cauci?) under our belts.

    I'm sure it wasn't intentional due to cross-talk between Dan & Alex, but boy, it's clear as day on at least three or four occasions listening to this one that Kristi's trying to get a word in edgewise and not succeeding.

  3. My sister on the other hand, shortly after giving birth to her (white) son, discussed wanting *specifically* to adopt a "little black child", or a "little Asian girl", but NOT because she had any understanding of what the kids have going against them, but because, in her words, "because we want to show everyone around us that race doesn't matter". She wanted to turn a potential adopted child into a project just to make herself look good.

    Well, she may have discussed such things, but talk's cheap, y'know?

    I don't think many, if even any, folks actually adopt transracially for those flippant reasons.

  4. They pretty much blew this one. The "discussion" -- you know, the thing Andrew and Natasha seemed most troubled by -- is between prospective adoptive parents, not in a big group of folks at a dinner party.

    If those people can't talk about a decision they have to make among themselves, who would be allowed to discuss it? And where?

    Also (and yeah, I get the "we don't do research" rule), they're pretty clueless about the process. When we filled out the paperwork to foster a child, we learned you don't get to just ignore the question which is basically "do you have a preference about race?" --along with the preferred age, level of ability, gender, etc., of course.

    It's something my better half and I had to confront before we ever decided to bring another person into our family, and we did talk about it. Even to -- shudder! -- a few friends and family!

  5. If you'd like to hear more from Barry about this, I would highly recommend:




    (he appears 47 minutes in.)


    Barry Crimmins and Sam [seder] remember the Boston comedy scene. Understanding Barry’s unique relationship to stand up comedy. Why are progressives comedians called political and reactionaries are considered “fun”. The time Barry Crimmins wouldn’t shake Henry Kissinger’s hand. Where you can see the Bobcat Goldthwait directed, documentary Call Me Lucky, about Barry’s story as a victim of sexual abuse and evolution as a human rights activists. How Barry Crimmins took on AOL’s profiting from child pornography. Barry’s quest to get excommunicated and The Church’s systemic coverage of abuse.

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  6. One of my favorite things on this show is when weird, long, rapid-fire jumps are made from one topic to the other, and then someone slams it all home at the end. And I don't think there's a better example than the gazebo discussion leading to the Soup Nazi leading to Rolf from Sound of Music leading to Eban playing "Sixteen Going on Seventeen," and then Paul spiking the ball with "We can only hope he was tried for war crimes."

    Nearly drove off the road when I heard that last bit.

  7. it seems to me that internationals on OKC are probably more comfortable with dating internationally, because they're on an American website (or are just Americans living abroad).


    Yeah, now that you mention it, that would explain why his going on about the OKC findings didn't quite sit right with me, either.

    Otherwise, I enjoyed this ep rather a lot. Kid Fury and Crissle West were new to me, I've since sampled some of their podcast and appreciate the introduction.