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  1. once upon a time there was the end
  2. Get some Bunga in Your Den
  3. And he gets it wrong. I love "don't ask me why." Zanzibar has a bullshit rating. I'm just so fumed at Bonanos right now http://www.vulture.com/2015/02/complete-works-121-billy-joel-songs-ranked.html
  4. Actuality yes up yeah continuing?
  5. Emoticon? I hardly know her!
  6. Thanks to California Psychic, I know when I die
  7. 007 and Ocean's Eleven, now that's a rude boy.
  8. ConnerOzer

    Cake Boss arrested in NYC!

    Werner Herzog is appearing in Parks and Recreation http://flavorwire.com/newswire/werner-herzog-to-guest-on-parks-and-recreation
  9. Paging Dr. Zhivago, You're a book.
  10. Hot Soup, What's up Dog?
  11. When was the first time you heard of U2?
  12. Podcast! I hardly know her.
  13. Its been a rough time in my life, welcome to Comedy Sad Sad.
  14. Holy Shits are Sailing!
  15. You two talking to me? About U2? Too?