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  1. I just relistened to this twice in a row- it's still great. Why hasn't Munderscore been on since?! On behalf of Earth I demand she come back!
  2. I loved Chris Tallman almost breaking character to demand that Paul explain how he knows Lebeau was played by Robert Clary.
  3. These two shows go together like steak and hotdogs! Obviously we all know which is which. You should know that in the U.S. 'Based on a true story' is not a regulated term.
  4. Bumpy

    Episode 109 - Are There Facts?

    Hollywood Facts?
  5. Bumpy

    Episode 133 - The Quest

    Serious question for June: What exactly is a 'street child'? I think Japan and Okinawa have a more 'U.S. and Puerto Rico' relationship. On the other hand this explanation is almost certainly giving the writers far too much credit.
  6. Bumpy

    Episode 408 - LIVE at SXSW 2016

    This must be why Obama skipped Nancy Reagan's funeral to go to SXSW.
  7. They threw away the perfect opportunity to sing Batdance!
  8. Bumpy

    Episode 407 - Shut the Fuck Door!

    One time I ate a whole box of batteries. No, I ate a box of batteries. He's saying what I'm saying. I'm scared now.
  9. Bumpy

    Episode 407 - Shut the Fuck Door!

    I was worried the large number of guests and characters wouldn't work but it was great. It sounded like Paul was slipping into Len Wiseman playing along. MVP Cody on unplugging the plugs theme.
  10. The miscommunication was even more disappointing because of all the openings they were giving Matt to jump in on the story. What's with this guy's non-improvin' gabooch?!
  11. One for the longtime listeners and archive divers
  12. Every part of this- having Paul on, making fun of Maron, the guest-host doing fake ads- seems so ridiculously obvious in hindsight. Very enjoyable. Also, reallife.org is a church in Texas (I'm not on twitter). 'Todd converts to conservative Christianity', now there's a CBB I'd like to hear.
  13. I thought Brett Gelman was the first CBB supervillain. It's all that damn song's fault. Scott screwed it up and it's destroying the show from within!
  14. Four deaths. Surely this is a clue of some sort but damned if I can put it together.
  15. These guys had a distinct Hayes and Sean vibe that I enjoyed.
  16. Every time (every time!) Wompler said 'Lisa' I felt like a mattress commercial was starting. It's like I have the world's most uninteresting PTSD. Exceptional music cue work on this one, as well.
  17. 'Laughs are cheap, I'm going for gasps.' I applaud this new exciting direction in insanity.
  18. Ending in a burning building? Was this improv directed by Werner Herzog? Also, am I the only one weirded out by the machinegun in the corner of the studio?
  19. Bumpy

    Episode 401 - LOVE Is Thicker Than Water

    I'm sure Scott's motivation for starting the Cosby impression was to drive PFT nuts while he 'wasn't in the room' to complain.
  20. Bumpy

    Episode 401 - LOVE Is Thicker Than Water

    This is everything I want from/love about this show. I really hope Gilly is on again before another year goes by. Gimme dat Gill.
  21. That is by a wide margin the happiest anyone has ever been to hear Semi Charmed Life. Wait, does this mean the people asking Traci questions are figments of her imagination? When's the last time anyone heard from BagguhMcGuirk?!
  22. Bumpy

    Episode 129 - The Apple: LIVE!

    HDTGM:The Apple- June's Revenge!