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  1. Ahh. I've missed listening to them rev up for a solid front half of comedy that sort of peters out over the last 30 to 45 minutes of unfocused attempts to think of something to talk about and mask their ever increasing lethargy. Masters of the Podcasting Arts! Bravo! Oh, and sometimes also a little about U2.
  2. U Talkin' Christmas Miracles 2 Me?!
  4. It was very rude of Scott to cut off Victor and Tiny's story right in the middle like that! So many questions left unanswered! Ho-Ho (ho-ho!) may have had the funniest introductory appearance since the Bachelor Bros. debuted. Re: Drinkwell. "You can pretty much rip 'em off if you want!" I detected a note of genuine dismissal/resentment out of him on that delivery and the following awkward pause. Drinkwel! Go... put it in your butt!
  5. Listening to Matt Gourley slowly lose his faith in this movie's quality was hilariously tragic.
  6. "I didn't even mean to make you horny, baby." That's a Robert Palmer song, right? I continue to love the 'commercials' and pity anyone who skips over them in ignorance.
  7. Bumpy

    Episode 325 ā€” Musical Organs

    I wonder if any besides Scott were also on Zap! A lot of those names have a 'flesh Voltron' vibe.
  8. Sydney Greenstreet! That's who he sounds like. I couldn't quite place until now and it's been bugging me.
  9. The iron men of visage grim do more than meet the viewer's eye. You've left and left and found my podcast and now your soul will die. -Gary Gygax (sort of)
  10. At first this one felt a little dry but it works. I am absolutely going to try to convince someone this is an episode of an actual radio show. Until the commercial, of course.
  11. 'No one cares' on the front 'How your dick feels' on the back
  12. "Oh my God. Why do we roleplay when we have such an amazing life?!" Real nugget of wisdom there. Lapkus's continuing inability to perform musical comedy is wonderful.
  13. This podcast was... Tell me what to say, tiny dog! Good! Thanks, tiny dog! Now they love me! So is greek god head births going to be a recurring joke here? I'm down with that.
  14. I am now curious if some Cheesecake Panjandrum will ever make an appearance. I would asssume he is from some Lovecraftian other realm of horror and madness.
  15. The census says LA has 3,462,202 'housing units'. Assuming each has one door and the mayor spends fifteen minutes begging at each that's a little under 99 years of straight groveling.
  16. He's the Napoleon Bonopirate of comedic accents.
  17. Bumpy

    Episode 317 ā€” Tash.2

    I think it kept working because every time it came up she would really double down on it.
  18. Bumpy

    Episode 317 ā€” Tash.2

    That's what some would call me a great episode! In the first half of the show it almost seemed like Tash.2 didn't get that the 'interview' aspect of the podcast is just a huge smokescreen for idiocy, but when Dreama showed up she was really on point comedy wise. It's too bad she's dead now.
  19. Bumpy

    Episode 315 ā€” Sandwich Therapy

    That episode made my blood sing. Or maybe I just need to go to the bathroom... I am, however, concerned 'Riddle Me This' may have been irrevocably broken.