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  1. Bumpy

    Episode 495 - Who CBBeefed?

    Before you commit to anything remember it's been established 'the CBB bump' is just Scott having sex.
  2. Bumpy

    Episode 495 - Who CBBeefed?

    I didn't realize these puzzle pieces fit together and now I can't wait to see the result.
  3. I find a University advertising their Master's program on a comedy podcast NOT SKETCHY AT ALL.
  4. The secret to good fart comedy is going way too far.
  5. An all right bad movie, but boy was it screachy. When the bad guy was up to his knees in sand I was sure Jaguar was just going to beat on his head until he was completely buried.
  6. Bumpy

    Episode 493 - King Garbage Dick

    Especially enjoyable because I've been doing a non-verbal Jeff Goldblum impression for a few weeks to amuse myself.
  7. Wonder Woman isreal? I'm curious if next week starts with a discussion about how there was a gas leak.
  8. Bumpy

    Episode 491 - Goo It

    I know Scott's interviews are always making fun of the very idea of 'an interview' but on a second listen his questions for Rory seemed especially vapid and mocking, even for this! I found myself wondering if he Binged 'interesting questions' or 'conversation starters' and picked the worst as he went along just to amuse himself. Maybe he just needed a place to vent his 'Scott Aukerman: terrible talkshow host' character since the TV show is over. (This is my 'quotation mark' heavy post)
  9. Bumpy

    Episode 492 - Dashiki Fever

  10. Really been enjoying these episodes where Lauren gets to do multiple characters. Plus, Traci in her natural habitat!
  11. Wow, Jack was there too a lot. Compliments to the Meatgals on a great show. And a raised eyebrow of confusion to Matt on possibly forgetting to bring something important along on his honeymoon.
  12. Bumpy

    Episode 491 - Goo It

    What a pleasantly whimsical episode. I really needed this.
  13. Bumpy

    Episode 164 - The Wraith: LIVE!

    I miss pre-lost his mind Randy Quaid. Not in this, mind you, just as a general thing.
  14. Good Lord. I relistened to the improv and it's less than 24 minutes long! The comedy density is staggering!
  15. One of the best! When Paul and Janet started giggling at Kristian's southern accent I knew exactly what was going to unfold. And definitely the best rendition of the Eban Schletter jingle.
  16. I'm always so happy when my worries a show has too many guests to be coherent are proven wrong. (Because sometimes it's not.) And as funny as Drew Tarver is I'm equally impressed by his follow through.(And that accent is really growing on me.) (This is my parentheses heavy post)
  17. Well, if there was ever an episode where it was appropriate to get your own name wrong... Now I'm feeling like we should just go back to calling her Maria (Or at the very least Blasooch!) to make it clear we actually enjoy and respect her.
  18. That was one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. I love it!
  19. Bumpy

    Episode 487 - Genie Awareness

    I want to say this episode was greater than the sum of its parts but that implies the parts weren't great to begin with. Now I'm curious if Lauren really doesn't know who Hot Dog is and which of her characters should meet him. Probably Big Sue, right?
  20. I can't believe I actually wondered if new forum rules would change this place.
  21. Bumpy

    Earwolf Forum Rules - PLEASE READ

    I'm not certain the HDTGM forums are even capable of this. They're a good bunch- hope you're flexible!