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  1. As someone else with an age inappropriate overactive imagination I feel for Tatiana.
  2. Hard Nation is a really solid show. If you like Hollywood Handbook you'd love Hard Nation. New episodes come out on Wednesdays.
  3. It's only been a few hours and I already have trouble parsing the jokes here from CBB. This is the best memory problem I've ever had.
  4. BURNED!!!! (I'm sure your question was great) If I didn't already enjoy listening (only semi-ironically)to rambley, poorly prepared local niche radio shows this would have been excruciating. Also, whatever audio trouble these other guys are complaining about is fixed now.
  5. Bumpy

    Episode 182 - Doing Spont, Our Close Friend

    I really liked this -Steve from Maine
  6. I can't wait until we get a 'With Special Guest' crossover where someone plays Lauren playing a guest on a fake podcast hosted by a guest playing a character played by Lauren.
  7. Bumpy

    Episode 160 - The Lake House: LIVE!

    Those were some excellent second opinions that I could not disagree more with.
  8. I made it all the way and loved it but Mike is impressively tenacious with the sniffles.
  9. Paul is terrible at saying things that are supposed to be unfunny.
  10. Bumpy

    Episode 180 - Mikal Cronin, Our Close Music

    I have listened to this episode start-to-horny-girl-wolf-finish every day since it came out.
  11. Four minutes in I'm VERY concerned I'm not making it through all this sniffling.
  12. Bumpy

    Episode 479 - The Bunn Process

    I'm curious about that be-corpsified eerie tailor.
  13. Rudy's appearance was like the story Mark is writing: an off the rails clusterfuck.
  14. Bumpy

    Episode 478 - Spank Me With A Feather!

    'I could have listened to that forever and I almost did!'
  15. Bumpy

    Episode 478 - Spank Me With A Feather!

    What? Is this actually happening? Does Scott have horrible, horrible news to tell us and needed something to soften the blow?
  16. Don't change the subject. What is going on in that picture?!
  17. Ugh. I finally understand what 'Suck it Chanson' is about. Just like in a shitty TV Christmas special.
  18. Bumpy

    Episode 476 - The Evigan Way

    "A conversation isn't two people trying to bother each other." Is it backwards day at CBB?
  19. This whole episode is a great argument for the importance of having logical, thought out stories in 'big dumb' action movies.
  20. Lauren's ad at the end made me realize this was a variation of the 'With Special Guest' format. Boy, I wish Ryan Lochte would do something newsworthy to justify Drew busting out that impression again.
  21. She's back! And she's still hilarious! And the guests are great! Well, there's another nonsense phrase I'm going to accidentally shout making my friends think I'm a weirdo. I am not a weirdo! They are for not listening to this show!
  22. Does the real guy want to be a horse? Is that a thing? I don't find the idea immediately dismissible but I'm not looking into it.
  23. Bumpy

    Episode 474 - Liquid Meal Spheres

    There's only one wonderful, fan-polarizing way to ever know for sure.
  24. Bumpy

    Episode 474 - Liquid Meal Spheres

    I'm very glad this silliness is continuing.