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  1. I'd say it's impressive how fast they go from recording to release if it weren't measured out in increments of national shame.
  2. Leave him alone! Can I jerk it to my greatest sadness? Squarespace: Go put it in your butt I've said I've said it before and I'll say it again before and I'll say I've said it before and I'll say it again again. We're like a guy who swallowed a hammer. We're too late! June?.... What did you think happened? Is it Morch already? I'd like some information on how to join ISIS. Sriracha! Condoms full of sriracha! I just came in here to jump out this window and kill myself. K.N.I.F.E.G.R.A.B. And, of course, big ups to people of all different stars and stripes.
  3. It really does seem like just having Jason on the show gives Scott extra trouble speaking in coherent sentences. For the record I consider this a plus.
  4. Bah! She's always been there. It's just taken people two years to notice.
  5. Bumpy

    Episode 469 - Quiznos What QuizDid

    After the lukewarm reception for Marvin Phelps I'm glad Carl Tart is getting all this praise. He's rather good at this 'comedy' thing.
  6. I really enjoy the guys making fun of their own annoying gasp-laughs.
  7. Bumpy

    Episode 45 - Negin Farsad Bypassed The Alarm

    You monster! How can you make light of such an imaginable tragedy?
  8. Bumpy

    Episode 468 - The Dream Method

    Is it possible at the end Anthony was actually doing John Lennon pretending to be Ringo?
  9. Bumpy

    Episode 468 - The Dream Method

    Oh man, that was good. And Ming is giving Zouks a run for best replacement option. (I really wished he caught Scott muttering 'My wife' later in the show). I'm starting to worry that like how 2016 was the CBB year of death 2017 is creeping (appropriately enough) towards becoming the CBB year of sexually exploited children. Watch that line, people! Anyway, it was great how well everyone clicked together. A 'yes and'-ing for the ages!
  10. Great. I'm a big fan of JON GABRUS.
  11. Thanks, Maximiliano! It was instantly useful!
  12. This movie really was a waste of a good cast. And film stock. And time. And Lambert fingers apparently.
  13. If the actual inauguration is a tenth as amusing it will be an enormous surprise. Not that I'll actually see it. Given the publicity over the Rockettes being forced to volunteer, it would have been nice to hear from someone with insight into that.
  14. Bumpy

    Episode 466 - Gossip Guy

    And this guy is the worst of them all.
  15. Bumpy

    Episode 466 - Gossip Guy

    Traci's story was downright Tiny and Victor-esque in its rambling. I also love that Lauren has just been randomly creating characters out of off the cuff comments in her last few appearances.
  16. "I just punched a guy 'cause Boston." That checks out.
  17. Bumpy

    Episode 465 - Harsh Joe Pinions

    I was particularly entertained by the pedophile.
  18. Bumpy

    Episode 464 - A Ton More Sexy

    Ben and Horatio have such a great energy it really makes these New Year's episodes feel like a fresh start.
  19. Bumpy

    Best of 2016 Pt. 4

    I think this was the most out of sync the 'best of' has been with my choices. I put the blame entirely on the very year! But I loved the inclusion of the live episodes(paying for podcasts is a rabbit hole I can't go down). Next year instead of listening to the shows as they come out I'm going to wait until they're all out and marathon them. I wonder if I'll go as loopy as Scott and Paul...
  20. Not to you because you're not a music industry scumbag. Whoever it is, the increasingly probing interviews where she says even less than previously are becoming one of my favorite parts of the show. I hope Matt keeps pressing for more. Also, the last Star Wars show for a while?! Where am I supposed to go to hear people talking about Star Wars on the internet now?
  21. Chin up and better luck next year, Jason. Must really sting to get skunked like that.
  22. I really want a podcast of all the Earwolf Santas meeting to talk shop.
  23. Bumpy

    Best of 2016 Pt. 2

    Not that crazy. Remember the episode was also a Garry Marshall appearance. Did hearing about Scott being an actual performer who auditions for things make anyone else doubletake? No insult meant, I just never really think of him in that context. And also, I'm still not completely sure he wasn't joking.