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  1. I haven't listened to the podcast yet, but I just want to bring this up right away.

    There was a moment that reeeeeeally made my stomach churn:

    When Mario and Melissa were sitting down to right their letters to Santa, they ate some milk and cookies. Then MJH proceeded to break out some wine.....my GAWD. To me that just seems like bubble guts waiting to happen.


    Btw....I really liked Melissa Joan Hart in this movie.

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  2. I'm gonna go on record as saying "BMX Bandits" is MUCH better than "Rad". The villains are much more entertaining, the score is much groovier and the acting is.....well okay, admittedly not MILES better, but at least a quarter of a mile better.


    Me and my older brother and sister used to watch BMX Bandits on repeat on VHS, along with "The Goonies". Both those movies really fed my appetite to want to explore. I spent many a days during the summers riding my bike around town with my friends looking for shit to get into.

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  3. I haven't listened to the ep yet, so I'm not sure if this was addressed....but what the hell was up with the 2 James Brown screams they used in the movie?! I thought maybe I was hearing things when the first one happened in the diner when a laser shot hit the wall. But then minutes later, as Furlong is driving the "Wine-O-Mobile", he hops the curb onto the sidewalk, and a pedestrian hops out of the way while yelping like the beginning of "I Feel Good"! I've heard of the Wilhelm scream, but never the James Brown wail.

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  4. Scott can't possibly dislike Big Chunky Bubbles more than he does Willie Mapleton can he?


    Willy wants to be liked so much but Scott just hilariously wants nothing at all to do with him. A regular "Cats in the Cradle" situation in my mind.

    But with Big Chunky? I've heard of "Cats in the Cradle and a silver spoon", but "Vats with a Ladle and a Campbell's Spoon"?

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  5. So I'll be honest, I stopped watching the last 15 minutes of the movie. But what happened to Tone Loc's character? I would like to think he got demoted and shipped off to Miami where he later helped a local Detective (that mainly deals with animal/Pet related crimes) find a local sports teams mascot and it's star player, right before the team played in their championship game.

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  6. Oh man, that was good. And Ming is giving Zouks a run for best replacement option. (I really wished he caught Scott muttering 'My wife' later in the show).


    I'm starting to worry that like how 2016 was the CBB year of death 2017 is creeping (appropriately enough) towards becoming the CBB year of sexually exploited children. Watch that line, people!


    Anyway, it was great how well everyone clicked together. A 'yes and'-ing for the ages!


    Oh my God, when he did the "My Wife" like he was saying it like a trumpet or an elephant, I lost it.

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