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    Episode 112 — Red Afro

    This is madness and I feel like someone really needs to say this: The Eiger Sanction is about an art history professor and mountain climber who doubles as a professional assassin and is coerced out of retirement to avenge the murder of an old friend. I hope that didn't come off as too critical.
  2. Shampoodler

    Episode 112 — Red Afro

    The show has transitioned quite a bit with Blaine's campaign, somewhat akin to going from playing Skyrim for a year right into six months of Super Smash Bros. (Why yes, I am a nerd. Why do you ask?)
  3. Shampoodler

    Episode 110 — Clown Dog

    Nice, thanks Dan
  4. Shampoodler

    Episode 110 — Clown Dog

    Hey Dan, I just wanted to say thanks for being a presence on the forums, and I think it's awesome that you were a fan of the show before you joined the party. Mind if I ask you a few questions? Have you ever DM'd? If not have you ever thought about it or written up a campaign? What kind of characters have you enjoyed playing the most? If you guys ever reroll for a new campaign do you already have a character in mind? And one final question, or maybe just a comedy nerd/D&D nerd request: how has Paul F. Tompkins not been on one episode of Nerd Poker ever? The man is on every podcast in the universe twice a week. I'm just curious and think he'd make a great cameo guest wizard or something. So if you see him around Earwolf please try to casually bring up the fact that a total stranger would like to hear him roleplay with you guys.
  5. Shampoodler

    Episode 110 — Clown Dog

    But seriously what is up with the ad in the beginning of each show that commands me to burn down churches for the glory of Lord Satan?
  6. Shampoodler

    Episode 110 — Clown Dog

    It's been over four months worth if episodes since they've actually interacted with an NPC outside of combat (red giant on the road, which attacked them anyway) so hopefully the blue town leads to some not-constant-murder.
  7. Shampoodler

    Episode 106 — Shrimp Curtains

    Now I can't stop thinking about Sarah McLachlan teaching a shelter dog how to drive off a shrinking iceberg.
  8. Seeking validation from a Soho street corner life coach who carries 4 days worth of salami with her at all times in case pasta is served sounds more like an I4H improv scene than an I4H segment! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amy_Alkon#Campaigns
  9. Shampoodler

    Anti-Smoking ad

    Instead of starting a new thread, I just wanted to jump in here and mention how offended I was by Dan's non-cool shirt that he apparently wore to the recording of this episode. Once I saw that picture, I was all like "Man, fuck YOU, Dan Telfer's boring striped buttondown shirt!". I mean, I got heated. Almost turned this shit off FOREVER.
  10. Instead of making Case Closed it's own podcast, Matt should just limit the segment to when he can actually get a qualified debater or recognized spokesperson for whatever the debated subject is on the show, instead of Timmy from Tuscaloosa who just wants to hear himself on a podcast and folds after two minutes. Also if you don't like the music just fast forward, Christ. But I'd like to see Matt mix it up a bit, maybe get Brendon Small in there to melt their faces with some instrumentals. Oh, and Texas.
  11. Shampoodler

    Lack of direction

    Seriously. Now is the perfect time to start a fresh campaign.
  12. Shampoodler

    Episode 104 — Trace Ya Later

    Damn, I'm going to really miss Sarah. :( I haven't listened to the whole episode yet but I'm really surprised they didn't just start over from scratch with two new permanent players joining the fray.
  13. Shampoodler

    Episode 160 — Funky Kong

    Good work there on connecting the dots and deciphering my sarcastic take on incorrectly deconstructing the word butthurt into a homophobic term.
  14. Shampoodler

    Episode 160 — Funky Kong

    Yes, linking to a page that clarifies the usage history of and definition of a term makes me a dummy. Butthurt is not homophobic. Why would it be? Because the word combines "butt" and "hurt"? What about heterosexual females that participate in receptive anal sex with well-endowed men? What about proctologists? They went to school specifically to deal with hurt butts. If anyone should be offended by the term butthurt it's them, since it makes light of their career choice. Case closed.
  15. Shampoodler

    Episode 160 — Funky Kong

    Butthurt is really not rapey and/or homophobic. It is an internet slang term for an overemotional reaction to a perceived slight. Ironically, butthurt is the leading cause of another of today's topics, "swatting". http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/butthurt The more you know! Ps - we need more Michael Jackson references from Paul
  16. Shampoodler

    Episode 160 — Funky Kong

    The only lasting conclusion I've drawn from all the Case Closed segments is that Matt really likes to yell about how he handles Case Closed segments. #caseclosed
  17. Shampoodler

    Lack of direction

    Fuck that noise, bro. We're all entitled to our opinions, popular or not. Shit, 40% of Posehn's act is complaining about the direction Star Wars went in after the original trilogy. Personally I find the fanboiesque postings of "it's a free podcast just stop listening" more annoying than anyone's sincere thoughts on a show, especially when you can tell just by reading their opinions that their complaints, whatever they may be, stem from a genuine enjoyment the show has given them for long periods of time. Right now I think Nerd Poker is drifting and could be better from a story perspective, but I still listen and I have faith it'll settle in once Blaine introduces a MacGuffin the party actually doesn't decide to ignore.
  18. Shampoodler

    Episode 99 — Dead Red

    I miss plot.
  19. Shampoodler

    Episode 97 — A Butt Goes Forever

    Really enjoying these eps with Dan's common sense style and Rick's Gerryish recklessness! Can they stick around when Sarah gets back? Blaine should have let them roll to see if they could have converted the giant corpse into a raft. Dice hijinx might have ensued!
  20. Shampoodler

    Lack of direction

    I think Gerry has a cult following because 99% of his hilarious output came from his stringent staying in his insane D&D characters, so I don't think a little more immersion from the rest of the cast would hurt. It's actually really hard to find a well done, weekly, funny D&D podcast (/nerdproblems). But it's really easy to find podcasts full of random tangents. Just sayin'.
  21. I CANNOT WAIT for the episode with Carmen and Tom Leykis!
  22. Shampoodler

    Episode 96 — Sweet Potatoes

    More like Donors & Drag Ons with Buttcrack Posehn and Whoever Shows Up amirite!? But seriously allow Dan to roll a permanent character (*cough* healer) and let's do this shit.
  23. Shampoodler

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    That STS D&D podcast is goddamn hilarious and the DM is awesome for a noob. Good roleplaying and the most important thing, good audio quality. D&D podcasts with one microphone in the middle of a table ruin it for me.
  24. Shampoodler

    Episode 95 — Goblin Wieners

    Winter the dicktoucher