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    Nothing more entertaining than listening to a middle aged man whine for an hour. Good on Mark for standing his ground. Matt's heart hasn't been in this podcast for a while now it seems. Liked it better when it was Mark and his wife than the last few with Matt. Might be time to let this one die boys.
  2. I sense Mark will eventually get tired of setting up a table at basketball places in order to have conversations about stuff having nothing to do with basketball.
  3. Kallewille

    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    I'm not going to say Dolph Lundgren didn't have an accent. However, to think that he was speaking "phonetic English," is just ignorant. Swedes start learning English in elementary school as a required language. As mentioned, he's highly educated (he didn't study at MIT) and went to universities in America and Australia, and given those two countries don't speak anything other than English, guess which language he studied in! So, sure he has an accent. Is it phonetic English? No. I'd guess he speaks better English than most Americans. Sorry to vent, but funk all dat! Thanks, Angry Swede
  4. Kallewille

    EPISODE 378 — Mailer Daemon

    Mailer Daemon and the Pie Minister need to be on the same episode. They sound quite a bit alike and I think would work well together.
  5. Kallewille

    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    Everyone that said, "nonplussed" used it as its opposite. Common but still annoying. It means bewildered, not unaffected. On another note, good to hear my thoughts from the trailer weren't off the mark. Excellent show!
  6. That Eban is a genius! Anyone else catch the Airplane! theme when they mentioned the word?