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  1. DanSkisak

    Episode 216 - Meredith Hagner, Our Close Friend

    Wtf. They had a good guest that was willing to be stupid and ready to go with the flow, and they turned it into a headache episode. Like Worse than the early Sharpling episodes. Not the guests fault. The phone bit gave me a headache, so bad. Love the show usually, one of the funniest, but oooph.
  2. Kulap's Handbook episodes are the best.
  3. DanSkisak

    Episode 278 - The Pink Wink Man

    I am so on the old guy's side. I've boycotted CVS because the register price didn't match the sticker, and no one offers to help fix the problem. I sound cheap, but there's principalities Smokey! Sure it's just 50 cents, but if you are cheating every customer 50 cents, it adds up. If it was mom and pop shop, maybe, but I don't let that shit slide at target or walgreens.
  4. DanSkisak

    Episode 173 - Mike Mitchell, Our Close Friend

    Great episode, wasn't sure what Mitch would do, but he plays along and it's great.
  5. DanSkisak

    Episode 277 - The Revenant Package

    Anyone else having trouble downloading this episode? My antenna pod app quits downloading right away. Looks like a good episode, maybe just my phone or app is acting up. EDIT- All good now, able to download.
  6. DanSkisak

    Episode 154.5 - Minisode 154.5

    Yesss! This movie is awesome. I'm going to try and find a DVD to buy before renting, since it is so great. It is 90s as hell. Seth Green and Jack Black are in it too. Oh, and I definitely was in a rollerblading race at some point as a kid. My mom was doing this 5k, and there was a Rollerblade race attached to it as well, so I said I'd do it. First place.
  7. This movie used to play on Comedy Central when I was a kid, was so happy when I realized HDTGM was doing it. Even as a youngen I knew this was a 'so bad it's good' movie. For the Barbie butt debate, we need to call upon Blake Harris. He wrote a book (Console Wars) which mainly focused on the head of Sega of America; Tom Kalinski, who Blake interviewed for the book. Before Tom went to Sega, he was responsible for resurrecting the Barbie doll. I'm thinking Tom could answer the question; Where does the butt start?
  8. DanSkisak

    Episode 310 - Hillary Clinton Dollar Bill

    Does anyone know which Farley sketch Jay was talking about, where Norm had the solution in the writers room. He said it was Chris at a drive thru ordering a bunch of food. He also said it was Ride the Snake, but that was Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell. Maybe the sketch was cut from show, would love to see it.
  9. Great ep, Maria needs to be an annual guest. Her comments and questions fit into the shows ridiculousness. I do like the opening segments without guest, but episodes can do without, if guest is good. Having guest say 'What up what up" is a decent compromise. Also, HH commercials have always been the best on earwolf, Brett has been fresh addition. I don't fast forward if it's a new one on HH. Earwolf Jack lives!
  10. DanSkisak

    Episode 127 - Kazaam: LIVE!

    Ommission: So Kazaam was a real person at one point, and was turned into a genie over 5,000 years ago. Sure, I'm on board with that. However, that means that over 5,000 years ago, Kazaam was walking around, 7'-1", 300 something pounds. The average height of a person was much smaller 100 years ago, let alone 5,000 years ago. Kazaam would have been a god like figure at that size at that time. He would have made Xerxes look like Kat Williams.
  11. DanSkisak

    EPISODE 116 — Top Dog: LIVE!

    I can't help but notice how similar Chuck and Reno look, espically in facial hair. Do you think that this was a consience decision? If so, who was cast first? Did they have Chuck, and say, ok let's get a trained dog that has similar hair. Or, did they have to use this specific dog, and were like, which action hero most resembles this dog?