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    EPISODE 245.5 — 8/14/15 TWO CHARTED 184

    please tell me the swishy sounds happening while howard plays the songs are sounds of him hula'ing...
  2. kellyrae

    EPISODE 687 - Adoption

    Though I usually take a lot of this show with a grain of salt, I felt like this episode reached a whole new level of dismissiveness for the caller. Considering the race of an adopted baby is loaded, and instead of having a thoughtful conversation that actually looked at the reality of the situation, they got super hung up on the "easy to adopt" aspect and accused the woman (and I guess the whole adoption/foster system?) of turning babies into commodities. Yes, what she said was a bit painful to hear, but she was stating a fact. The fact that she is open to adopting a child regardless of race shouldn't be shit on. It's obviously a big, life-changing thing she's seriously considering.
  3. kellyrae

    Episode 113 — Transgender

    i'm confused by why this older episode is being resurrected on the front page (on purpose because of the bruce jenner stuff or what?) and also why there's a different dude's photo in the thumbnail. i listened to it anyway though, good ep.
  4. kellyrae

    Episode 202 — Pickup Artist

    Despite all of his "I'm not one of *those* PUA assholes" disclaimers he still didn't seem to view women as people but instead as sexual opportunities. One of the most cringey moments for me was when referring to swedish women and asked if he could use the f-word as a verb. He apparently hadn't heard of the show and didn't even bother to even look them up on Wikipedia since he had no idea that Tig had cancer or that Kyle was a comedian. He totally didn't belong on this show but I listened to the whole thing just to witness them turning the creepy shit coming out of his mouth into comedy gold with their responses.