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    Nukie (1988)

    Yes it does! What do we need to do to get their attention? More snotty noses?
  2. servo386

    Nukie (1988)

    My first time proposing a movie (or posting anything) but I can't imagine no ones mentioned this before.. Nukie is like Mac and Me except weirder, snottier, more ridiculous, more Africa and more talking animals. It's hard to explain exactly how ridiculous Nukie is, but it's a god damned classic. I've watched this, no joke, about 4 times. Here's the plot synopsis via Imdb: Two aliens, Nukie and Miko, crash-land on different parts of the Earth. Miko is quickly captured by an American space agency, while Nukie, who has landed in the middle of the African savannah, wanders about until he befriends two young children. Will Miko survive the scientists' experiements? Will Nukie ever be reunited with his space-travelling companion? And best of all its available for free on Youtube! Trailer: Full Movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQEoicOExdI You guys would have a blast with this movie. From Nukies digusting, ever-present snotty nose. To the the repeated yells of "NUKIEEEE!" by his brother, to the talking computer, talking animals, non-talking African children, Nukies complete disregard for human life, the endless voice over from the "space assocation" or whatever. It's completely bonkers. BE A CLOWN! (you'll get it if you watch the movie)