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    Episode 109 - FACE OFF: LIVE!

    Ohhh and on IMDB I saw that they made their blood types different as a type of symbolism. Travolta was O Positive because thats the universal donor, whereas cage was AB or whatever because that is the universal recipient, showing that he takes from others. Even if it doesn't really work because of science, I thought the symbolism was interesting. It also says that a lot of the action scenes were supposed to be green screened but they were filmed because they wanted to add to the realism of the movie... because this is such a realistic movie...
  2. TheShanster

    Episode 109 - FACE OFF: LIVE!

    I remember seeing part of this as a kid and thinking that this is a thing that could actually happen... and when I was older I was like "heyyy remember that movie... that couldn't happen... but it sounds awesome now." I also think the acting in this movie was pretty decent and it made it seem believable enough to me... even now, I agree with Jason it adds up! I thought two scenes that were kind of bizarre and not really mentioned was when we first saw John Travolta's daughter. They show her crying and her face is hidden and then she shows John Travolta her face and he acts like he's scared of her. I thought that that was upsetting. If anyone looked at my face that way I'd be upset, especially if it was my dad. Also how weird was the elaborate weapon case? The chicklets just made me laugh... and I don't think we ever saw him chewing chicklets in the movie... so that was kind of funny.
  3. When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade... but don't go to the Fudge Store Around The Corner!
  4. TheShanster

    Episode 102 — Tango & Cash

    I kind of agree with June about seeing naked butts. I like seeing them more for a giggle like "heehee I saw Channing Tatum's butt." Not saying its a bad butt or anything but it isn't something amazing. I also love that the plugs ended up talking about butts.
  5. When life gives you lemons... cool. Free lemons!
  6. TheShanster

    Episode 100 — Junior

    Wow... awesome episode. Paul mentioned this... but I feel like its crazy that they are testing this pill on men when it is to solve a problem for women. I feel like its almost implying that women need men to solve all their problems and that isn't something I think we need to watch in a movie....its just such a weird thing that I feel like scientists would never actually do.
  7. TheShanster

    X-Files: I Want to Believe

    This is the worst and most disappointing movie I've ever seen! There were no aliens! Oddly enough, The newest Indiana Jones movie came out around the same time and there were aliens in that. I guess they showed up to the wrong movie! Lol
  8. TheShanster

    Episode 96 — Monkey Shines

    This movie sounds fantastic. Is it on Netflix or on Demand anywhere? I know Paul said in the Mini ep but I forget! Lol
  9. TheShanster

    Episode 98 — LOL: LIVE!

    Did anyone else think that the parents and the school were really irresponsible. There were several scenes mentioning that all the kids were failing all of their classes... but somehow they were still allowed to go to Paris and play Battle of The Bands. I would think at most high schools you would need to be passing all of your classes to get to go on a trip like that... and if I were a parent I wouldn't let my kid go if they were failing all of their classes! Also all of these kids seemed to have everything. They all lived in big beautiful homes, had all the latest cell phones and computers. I just felt very disconnected to the characters because of that. Like they didn't seem like they their problems were that bad because they can afford houses with huge bathrooms and bathtubs for two people and a separate shower. This movie seems like it was created from a First World Problem meme.
  10. TheShanster

    Episode 98 — LOL: LIVE!

    Did anyone think the friendship part at the beginning was really weird. She was like "These girls are my friends... but this guy is my boyfriend. And this other guy is my best friend!" And then they just kind of brought in the guy that Rob was referring to as "The Sub-Sub Guy" without even establishing who he is or how he knew Miley's character. And the way that she was acting just made it seem like we knew him the whole time. That was just kind of confusing. It seems like a French movie would have a lot of characters though... so maybe that makes sense. I was kind of bummed that Jason wasn't on because I thought his reaction to the creepy bath scene would have been funny. The HDTGM All stars did a great job though!
  11. TheShanster

    Episode 94.5 — Minisode 94.5

    This movie is amazing. There's a line that someone completely got wrong and it's so funny! Plus its offensive to just about everyone I think!
  12. TheShanster

    Any HDTGM Movies that you consider good?

    Honestly I didn't think Batman and Robin was all that bad. I thought it was better than the Val Kilmer batman and I didn't think George Clooney did a bad job. I also didn't completely hate Catwoman... it wasn't a good movie, but there were cool parts of it!