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    Episode 94 — Glitter: LIVE!

    I hope that the parties involved in my vitriol will have a chance to read this before deleting it which you certainly have every right to do. I was a douche. A total unappreciative douche that went too far in my criticism. Not that it excuses it but I've had a terrible week and on the night I posted I had an even worse day. Combined with alcohol and the crap I'm going thru atm, I took out my anger on those who didn't deserve it. Brett Morris's explanation as to why the ep sounded the way it did makes me feel even more like an asshole. I had no issues regarding past live episodes. The Staying Alive ep sounded fine. But I realize my wrath towards JulyDiaz was uncalled for. For that I really am sorry. When I woke up on Thursday I had a feeling I really fucked up. I don't remember the post I made exactly and I'm actually glad I can't remember the specifics of my post here because I would even more mortified than I am now. I'm taking a break from reddit. As much as I dig the cat pics, it's far too easy to be vitriolic and get in touch with your inner troll. It's not healthy. No matter, I have no excuse and offer my sincere apologies for being a massive dick. I love Earwolf. I started listening to CBB late last year after being a fan of the tv show. Now I listen to HDTGM and NNF and UTU2TM is the greatest thing ever. I feel like such an asshole for being such an asshole and I deserve to be shit on. So mea culpa, I deserve to be banned. I am not asking for anything in return. Not asking for a unbanning or anything. I broke the rules, I deserve to be gone. But I do hope JulyDiaz and Co read this before deleting it if need be. No bullshit here, I really am sorry for my post and it was totally uncalled for. Hope those involved will have a chance to read this, thanks.