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  1. BertramCooper

    Greta (2018)

    This debuted on HBO this weekend, and it is next-level bonkers. Kinda falls into that Adore category in that it looks amazing on-paper, but is just a total fucking hilarious mess. It's the Fatal Attraction/Misery/Terminator mashup you've always wanted without realizing it. I can't stress enough how badly this deranged movie needs to be on the show.
  2. BertramCooper

    Episode 206 - Little Italy

    Very nice of the white folk to pair off the two Indian characters at the very end. They were clearly meant for each other simply because they're both Indian. So cute! I'm kinda stunned that Andrea Martin's bizarre wedding announcement that she is pregnant - which read to me as sincere and not a gag - didn't get mentioned in this ep. I mean, holy crap. So glad that after all we've been through these past couple years, we can once again find humor in police officers committing sexual assault. Turns out those P.C. snowflakes didn't ruin it for us after all! What a relief. (Just imagine how that scene would have read had the genders of the two characters been reversed.)
  3. BertramCooper

    Episode 188 - Body Rock: LIVE!

    Okay, something that jumped out RIGHT away: In that opening musical number, the lyric "children of darkness" is paired with a shot of Magick, who is obviously a small black child. I'd be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and write it off as an oblivious editing choice, but the cuts to and from the shot of Magick are so precisely paired with that lyric that it definitely raised my eyebrows. See for yourself (it's between the 35 and 40 second marks right at the beginning): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdvRr5lIUGA&t=0m35s
  4. There are several great Earwolf regulars who do great little boy voices (almost uniformly women), but Fran Gillespie's is by far my favorite.
  5. My favorite part of this awesome, hilarious podcast is when Zach messes up a detail of the narrative (like saying Monterey when the setting has shifted to Seattle) or states something factually incorrect (like Chipotle having an "assortment of cheese"), and Jess feels obligated to correct him. I think it's happened at least once in each ep so far and it's hysterical every time. Also I'm crushing hard on Zach. He's adorable.
  6. BertramCooper

    Episode 499 - The Freak

    One of those rare episodes where the featured guest seems perplexed by the show's shtick, and the resulting awkwardness is palpable. And you're not sure if the guest DOES get it and is just doing a bit, or if it's genuine bewilderment.
  7. BertramCooper

    Episode 159 - Sleepwalkers

    I just finished the film and haven't listened to the ep yet, but I gotta say, I had a fucking blast watching this movie. Had had a grin on my face from beginning to end. The no-holds-barred incest, the INSANE dialogue, the terrible special effects, Mädchen Amick's squeaky voice, the goddamn cats - I just could barely breathe. Just bonkers from beginning to end. Bad Stephen King films REALLY deliver. Goddamn.
  8. BertramCooper

    Nine Lives (2016)

    FYI: This just got added to Amazon Prime Video today. Perfect time to do it, Paul!
  9. I wish the show went after bad Oscar bait a bit more. So I'd choose either the borderline unwatchable Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, or the Lisa Frank nightmare that is The Lovely Bones. Both films are horrendous and I think both would make for good HDTGM eps.
  10. BertramCooper

    Episode 149.5 - Minisode 149.5

    Is Maxwell Caulfield in Grease 2 the most extreme example of a totally non-ugly ugly duckling in film history? They don't even try to make him look non-stunningly handsome. I mean, at least Rachael Lee Cook got glasses. Also, I remember going to a bowling alley as a teenager and one of my friends stupidly started walking down one of the lanes. The manager about lost his fucking shit and came out and started screaming at him. So I got a kick out of the bowling alley dance routine.
  11. BertramCooper

    Episode 129.5 - Minisode 129.5

    It was a completely minor and tangential detail that I casually mentioned in a post that otherwise had nothing to do with that specific fact. It's not like I mentioned it with the intention of taking credit for being the first one to point it out. Again, not a contest. And hardly me "throwing a fit."
  12. BertramCooper

    Episode 129.5 - Minisode 129.5

    Seriously? This isn't a contest. Apologies for not reviewing six full pages of posts beforehand.
  13. BertramCooper

    Episode 129.5 - Minisode 129.5

    So the gal who played Louise (who is Blake Lively's half-sister, apparently) was like 16-17 when this was filmed, which seems about right. She seemed SUPER young by teen movie standards. I'm used to people pushing 30 playing teenagers in movies and TV shows. The dude who played Brad was like 26-27. That's...not appropriate. Especially given that "kissing" scene.
  14. BertramCooper

    Episode 129.5 - Minisode 129.5

    Well, I meant "sexy" by 1989 standards, ha ha.
  15. BertramCooper

    Episode 129.5 - Minisode 129.5

    Louise totally cheated at the end. Sorry, hon, but if you're trying to test out whether he really loves you WITHOUT the popularity spell (I love that Serena had an actual spell for that), you also have to give back the sexy clothes and hair and makeup that came along with it. Somehow I doubt a dude as superficial as Brad will still like her if she goes back to dressing like a Mennonite.