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  1. Brett Gelman, Betsy Sodaro, Danielle Schneider and Hillary Matthews join Matt Besser for a live improv4humans episode at Jashfesht. Valley girls get into an inaudible fight, a NASA support group discusses why they aren't allowed in space and a woman brings chicken everywhere for fun. Plus, a teacher diagnosed with Frozen Middle Finger tries to hide her hand from her students.
  2. Comedian and actress Martha Kelly joins the Sklars for a live Sklarbro Country episode from Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin. The show also features musical guest Josh Adam Meyers. Martha describes her experience co-starring in "Baskets." Daniel Van Kirk brings a County Story of a woman who drove from Chicago to Indianapolis to fight a girl over a stolen video game. Later, actress Arden Myrin stops by during a County Story of a man who claimed to be from the future and demanded food from an Arby's. Plus, Mark Wahlberg joins to talk about his new movie "Dazed and Confused 2" and gives Martha some unique acting tips.
  3. Singer-songwriter Jenny Owen Youngs performs on an improv4humans with Matt Besser music episode, featuring Tim Meadows, Eugene Cordero and Katie Dippold. Her songs inspire scenes about a detailed plan on stealing vinyl from a music store and dealing with a bad case of skin cockroaches. Also, we learn the real story behind Banksy. Buy Jenny's music at jennyowenyoungs.com. Sign up for Seeso.com to watch Besser’s stand-up special “Besser Breaks the Record” and “The UCB Show,” which were filmed live in UCBLA.
  4. Kevin Bartelt

    Episode 283 - Spiritual Toddler

    Actress Chelsey Crisp joins Howard and guest co-host Natasha Leggero on this week’s Who Charted. They brainstorm what drugs would be needed to enjoy the Billboard’s Hot 100. During the movies chart, they discuss celebrities, Periscope and writing comedy at a fast food restaurant. Plus, Natasha describes her upcoming Honeymoon Tour and Howard voices his frustrations with slow songs during Two Charted.
  5. Actress Cassandra Freeman joins Kamau and Kevin to describe collaborating with Denzel and Spike Lee in "Inside Man." She also counts down her top 5 Denzel movies and discusses starring in the upcoming Lifetime movie "The Real MVP: The Wanda Pratt Story."
  6. Comedian and actor Fahim Anwar joins Randy and Jason on this week's episode. They discuss Seattle sports and Fahim's impressive job before pursuing comedy full time. Daniel Van Kirk brings a County story of someone who confidently approached a crouching tiger. Plus, Mark Wahlberg drops by to share his thoughts on Tom Brady's suspension and putting weights inside the body.
  7. Kevin Bartelt

    Episode 301 - Tinder Taco

    Comedy duo Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld join the Sklars to discuss their new Vimeo series "Lonely and Horny." Jake and Amir talk about their work dynamic at CollegeHumor and creating more than 700 videos together. They all break down Quick Hits of the Tennessee Titans' family movie night being interrupted by an automatic sprinkler system. Later, actor Christoph Waltz stops by to share his love of DePaul basketball and the NBA, specifically New York Knicks power forward Kristaps Porzingis.
  8. A Denzealot calls in to break down the Denzel Watchingthon in Austin, TX. Then, actor and director Michael Rapaport joins Kamau and Kevin to describe what makes Denzel prolific and why the movie business is in jeopardy. Check out United Shades of America on CNN April 24th and Kamau’s first comedy special, “Semi-Prominent Negro,” on Showtime April 29th.
  9. Comedian Kaseem Bentley debates a few stories with Kevin before discussing the movie "Safe House." After Kamau concludes the heated dispute, they talk about Denzel's captivatingly dark character, Tobin Frost, in the film. They also describe why Denzel is the only actor who could pull of this character and break down the visceral waterboarding scene. Check out United Shades of America on CNN this Sunday and Kamau’s first comedy special, “Semi-Prominent Negro,” on Showtime April 29th.
  10. Brody Stevens, comedian and the Prince of Periscope, joins Howard and Brett for a special tribute episode to Prince. Howard and Brody debate what year "Erotic City" was released and reflect on listening to the prolific musician back in the day during the top 5 Prince songs chart. His top 5 movies inspire conversations about Prince's multiple talents and the pros and cons of millennials' technology usage. During Two Charted, Howard breaks down his bumpy road trip to his great shows in Bloomington and Chicago.
  11. Jon Daly, Seth Morris and Neil Campbell join Matt Besser for a live episode of improv4humans at UCB Sunset. Political man-on-the-street interviews inspire scenes about voting for change and a struggling paid protestor. Also, a family has emotional last rites for an incredible shirt, and a new intern pitches Besser videos ideas for the next live show. Sign up for Seeso.com to watch Besser’s stand-up special “Besser Breaks the Record” and “The UCB Show,” which were filmed live in UCBLA.
  12. The Sklars and Daniel Van Kirk discuss a County Story of a bear-eating bear that survived being hit by a train. They also describe the impact Prince had on their lives. Later, Dr. Phil drops by to give advice to a man who damaged property after excessive masturbation.
  13. Matt Walsh, Colton Dunn, Mookie Blaiklock and Billy Merritt join Matt Besser for a special 4/20 episode live at UCB Sunset. The origin story of The Waldos inspire a scene about a Subway employee who decides to change his favorite order. A butter-loving couple discovers their super powers, and a scene with the lights off brings the improvisers to a ghostly coal mine. Plus, Besser shares his 1992 man-on-the-street interviews at a Bill Clinton election day rally. Sign up for Seeso.com to watch Besser’s stand-up special “Besser Breaks the Record” and “The UCB Show,” which were filmed live in UCBLA.
  14. Comedian Aisha Tyler joins the Sklars and discusses the intricacies of marriage and divorce. They also talk about why people's goals change over time and Aisha's unique process behind her upcoming film. Contribute to her Kickstarter for the movie at Kck.st/1YeQdCp. Later, Randy and Jason bring some Quick Hits about Donald Trump's shameless lack of sports knowledge. Plus, TSA agent Michael Kissick calls in from Chicago Midway Airport to catch up with the Sklars.
  15. Kevin Bartelt

    Episode 281 - Chartella

    Comedian Solomon Georgio joins Kulap and Howard on this week's Who Charted. They discuss Kitchen Coachella--Howard's tactic to watch the festival online from his place--during the top 5 songs on iTunes chart. In the TV chart, Solomon describes living with other comedians and performing in the Viceland show "Flophouse." Kulap talks about getting the hang of Snapchat and Howard brings updates on his Austin adventures during Two Charted.
  16. Screenwriter Gary Whitta joins Kamau and Kevin to describe writing "The Book of Eli" and working with Denzel. They talk about ​why Denzel is one of the few actors who can carry a movie by himself. Plus, Gary shares several funny and insightful stories about the greatest actor of all time. Check out United Shades of America on CNN April 24th and Kamau’s first comedy special, “Semi-Prominent Negro,” on Showtime April 29th.
  17. Comedian Mike Lawrence talks to Randy and Jason about the importance of taking a stance as a comedian. They also discuss interviewing losers of a ping pong tournament, "Finding the Funny" and Mike writing for "Inside Amy Schumer." Daniel Van Kirk brings a County Story of a woman who fell for a police department's obvious online trap. Plus, Stone Cold Steve Austin drops by and endorses Hillary Clinton.
  18. Kevin Bartelt

    Episode 298 - Public Frenemy

    Actress Illeana Douglas describes her memoir, "I Blame Dennis Hopper," to Randy and Jason. She recounts living in a commune full of hippies as a child and the impact of "Easy Rider" on her life and career. Later, the Sklars bring some Quick Hits of someone who shouldn't be talking about boxing and a baseball player busting his belt from such a hard swing. Plus, Randy and Jason call Steven Seagal who talks about checking his email at the library and what he did on his birthday.
  19. Actress Maria Thayer joins Kulap and Engineer Brett on Who Charted. They share a love for laughter and a hometown Arby's during the top 5 songs on Spotify chart. Maria talks about co-starring in the trueTV sitcom "Those Who Can't" and movie theater etiquette in the movies chart. Also, Ku and Stard give updates on new summah music and Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ during Two Charted.
  20. Kevin Bartelt

    Episode 54 - Plath in the Bath

    Kelly Carlin, Molly Ephraim, Erik Patterson, Glenn Davis and Sam Kieffer join Nate to discuss Slyvia Plath's "The Bell Jar." Listen to the compelling reasons to read Plath's beautiful, hilarious and heart-wrenching story of the surreal fall into mental illness. If you've already read the novel, grab your weathered copy and enjoy the break down of Buddy, Esther, DeeDee and the rest of the gang. Start next month's book, Kent Haruf's "Our Souls at Night," now!
  21. Humons, We are putting together our best of music episode. I've attached the music episodes that have not been voted on yet. Please post "Episode #, Scene #, and the underlined title" when voting. Thank you. i4h Music Episodes.pdf
  22. Comedian Rory Scovel talks to Randy and Jason about The Masters and Rory's new special, which can be found at RoryScovel.com. Daniel Van Kirk brings a County Story of a Portland man who stole a custom-made vest from a stuffed bear. Later, Nick Cage calls in to defend himself after a scuffle in Las Vegas.
  23. Kevin Bartelt

    Episode 279 - Rise N' Grind

    Comedian and actor Rory Scovel joins Howard and Kulap on this week's Who Charted. They discuss Howard's complicated optometrist situation and Rory Stories during Shazam's Top Future Hits chart. Kulap demonstrates her impressive kickboxing skills in the Video Games chart. Plus, the gang opens some gifts in Two Charted.
  24. Matt Walsh, Jon Gabrus, Shannon O'Neill, Drew Tarver and Anthony Atamanuik join Matt Besser for a live episode from South by Southwest. A babysitter refuses to let a boy drink liquids or sleep because it wasn't on the parents' list. Jon's mom finds his secret box of bra straps, and Jesus discusses the creation of the toilet with his disciples. Also, a group of high school students take daggering to a new level. Sign up for Seeso.com to watch Besser’s stand-up special “Besser Breaks the Record” and “The UCB Show,” which were filmed live in UCBLA.
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    Best of Music Episode

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