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    Best of Music Episode

    No. That will be in the next best-of music.
  2. Randy and Jason host Sklarbro Country live from The Royal in Toronto. The show features acoustic music from Canadian rock band The Sheepdogs. Comedian Seán Cullen talks to the Sklars about living in Creepy Little Italy and impersonates Van Morrison. Drummer Jeremy Taggart shares stories about a memorable overnight flight and celebrating Canada on his podcast "Taggart and Torrens." Later, actor Jonathan Torrens calls in and talks about living in Nova Scotia.
  3. Actor Sterling K. Brown joins Kamau and Kevin to discuss his top 5 Denzel movies. Sterling describes playing the show-stealing performance of Christopher Darden in The People v. O.J. Simpson. They also talk about the impact of the TV show and reflect on the actual court case. Check out United Shades of America on CNN April 24th and Kamau’s first comedy special, “Semi-Prominent Negro,” on Showtime April 29th.
  4. Kevin Bartelt

    Best of Music Episode

    Great choices, everyone. Don't forget to spread the word!
  5. Comedian, director and writer Michael Showalter talks to the Sklars about making his new movie "Hello, My Name is Doris." Daniel Van Kirk's County Stories include a clown who was arrested for smoking meth at a waffle house and a woman who insists on keeping her motorcycle-riding pet alligator. Later, a stoned Dick Vitale leaves a voicemail next to a KFC dumpster assuming the NCAA Tournament hasn't started.
  6. Sorry, I guess I was given the wrong info. But that video was amazing and you wished you submitted it.
  7. Kevin Bartelt

    Musical guest archive

    Under long description: https://www.facebook.com/improv4humans/info/?tab=page_info
  8. Humons, We will be having our best of 2015 episode soon, so we need you to vote on your favorite scenes ASAP! Simply put "Episode #, Scene # and Scene Title" for each vote. You have unlimited voting, too! Click on the attached file to check out all the great scenes. -From, We Need to Talk About Kevin PS. 2015 episodes before #194 have already been voted on. Improv4Humans Best of Voting 2015.pdf
  9. Kevin Bartelt

    EPISODE 216 — Grudge Justice

    This is a breakdown of the scenes from this episode. - (0:00) Intro Story - Jessica didn't pass an audition because she froze during the blues section - After getting the word "pineapple" during the improv blues section of her audition, Jessica gets inspiration from Harry Belafonte at a fruit stand. - (5:37) Intro Story - Dan proposed to Jessica in their first improv scene together - When Jason proposes to someone in an improv scene, he's forced to spend the rest of his life with her. - (15:24) "My Handwriting" - Why clapping can be uncomfortable after a poem reading - An audience member gets called out for not saying "Hm" after a poem reading. - (26:29) Let's Talk Some More About That - As a kid, one of the ways Dan's OCD manifested was through his small handwriting - People keep assuming a girl's diary entry about buying socks is about them. - (34:19) "Raccoons" - Curious neighbors address a man's fetish after a raccoon tore open his trash. - (42:28) Let's Talk Some More About That - Raccoons steal Besser and Danielle's grass and sell it to Jason - Jason finds raccoons to exchange his garbage for grass and unused matches. - (45:39) "The War Reporter Paul Watson Bids his Joy Farewell" - Two technology-deficient mothers FaceTime their college student son - (54:20) Let's Talk Some More About That/"The War Reporter Paul Watson is Forgiven" - Leaving war reporting behind after 35 years - Tourist takes a photo with vampires after they turn off her Curse app
  10. Here is a breakdown of the scenes from this episode. - (0:21) “California” – A hardworking Ohio-native gets in trouble at work for not acclimating to the laid back California lifestyle - (9:52) Let’s Talk Some More About That – Getting high near the UCB theatre – A husband’s college friend attempts to rob the couple’s house - (15:44) Crap on YouTube – “Washing machine collectors awash with enthusiasm on laundry day” – Two teams compete for who has best washing machine at laundry Olympics - (27:12) Crap on YouTube – “Jamie Lee Curtis Basically Invented Instagram” – Wife tells judges on The Voice that she invented the show first - (37:56) Crap on YouTube – “Man protests restaurants all-you-can-eat policy” – Aunts and niece argue rules of “all you can eat” with waiter - (45:31) Twitter Suggestion – Stranded – John Mackey was stranded in a Dallas airport on Christmas – Passengers at snowed-in airport try to gain sympathy for the remaining cots - (55:11) Twitter Suggestion – Pumpkin Spiced Latte/Calling all of October Halloween – Students present their Halloween presentations in the beginning of October/A kid moves through life with a teacher very fond of his uncle - (1:01:47) Crap on YouTube – Fox news failed on-the-street interview – Interviewees answer reporter’s questions before they’re asked/Newscasters struggle to keep their show afloat Kevin the Intern's Intern
  11. Kevin Bartelt

    EPISODE 213 — Dramatic Tornado

    Here is a breakdown of the scenes from this episode. - (1:37) Intro Story - Defining Hotwives - Officers investigate a daughter's graphic Twitter feed after her death - (10:41) Let's Talk Some More About That - Real people or actors in Hotwives porn videos - Actors ask director questions before portraying married couple in Hotwives porn - (21:04) Twitter Suggestion - Regal - Matt's daughter loves her Queen puppet, and he can use the puppet to encourage her to listen to him - A mother convinces her son that a monster will kill him if he doesn't fall asleep - (42:33) Listener Questions - What would you do if a mountain lion attacked you? - Mountain lions learn humans aren't as threatening as they once thought - (55:03) The Interview Challenge - Humon/UCB improviser asks "When did you know that you wanted to pursue comedy?" Neil explains making a film in high school and learning how to audio dub - After a son asks his father to help with a film project, the aspiring-actor dad wants to move to Hollywood with him - (1:06:22) Let's Talk Some More About That - Are those who aren't entitled to say "Anyone can pursue their dreams" setting some people up for failure? Moving to/away from LA - A couple moves to Hollywood believing in 5 years they'll be on top of the world - (1:15:08) The Interview Challenge - Doing comedy until you become undeniably funny - Newly elected class president tries to prove she can lead at lunch - (1:29:04) The Interview Challenge - How do you work "honing your craft" into creating online content? - Strawberry gardener stops being himself during insightful speech to quadrant advertisers - (1:44:01) The Interview Challenge - Who are your comedic heroes?/What was it like watching Chris Farley perform live? - The "dramatic tornado" who refuses to memorize and rehearse shows up moments before the show - (1:55:40) The Interview Challenge - What have you've learned as a teacher?/Difference between LA and NY improvisers/Web videos and stage sketches - A neighbor offers a comedy team a sketch couch
  12. Here is a breakdown of the scenes from this episode. - "When I Was Done Dying" - What are people before they're born? - Angel interviews pre-babies to match up with proper parents (2:03) - Let's Talk Some More About That Song - Appreciating the lyrics of two mighty steeds - Server tries to get a mighty mighty steed for the King (13:21) - "Biggle hat was ice cream time (Card shark nose nose)" - Boyfriend refuses to turn off reverb on his voice (23:00) - Let's Talk Some More About That Song - Being a collaborator/One-word pattern game while Dan adds a sweet beat - Brian Bacon/Chef delivers his bacon to a famous food critic/Two couples try to out-fuck each other at Make-Out Point (34:54) - "Feel the Lightning" - Nerds teaming up with jocks - Despite their differences, the nerds and jocks realize they all love jizzing/Human population jerks off at the same time and causes Earth to be covered in cum (44:28) - Let's Talk Some More About That Song - The sky getting bummed out by "The sky is the limit" - Clouds get creative to improve viewers' dull imagination (58:24) - "Learning to Relax" - Trying not to over-analyze things - Salesman gives customer alarm clock that tells subliminal messages during dreams (1:05:49)
  13. Here is a breakdown of the scenes from this episode. - Intro Story - Donald Trump makes you think anyone can be a leader - Presidential candidates agree on all issues during a debate (0:46) - Let's Talk Some More About That - How many Republicans/Democrats are at the show?/Larry Elder's "Moral Court" - Judge Larry Elder moderates a case where an intimate couple argues over their Shih Tzu (8:30) - Let's Talk Some More About That- Making ECON101 mandatory - Economics teacher weeds out the undeserving students from the true ECON students (15:07) - Let's Talk Some More About That - Politicians who attended a witch hunt meeting - WICA members struggle to lift fat friend during witch ceremony (18:57) - Let's Talk Some More About That - Ben Carson saying if Europe was armed, the Holocaust wouldn't have happened - Robbers struggle to get money from tired brain surgeon (23:50) - Let's Talk Some More About That - Why Kevin McCarthy dropped out for speaker of the House/ Ann Coulter as your hall pass - As a corporate man is about have sex with Ann Coulter, he discovers she's a robot (27:13) - Let's Talk Some More About That - People trying to get signatures for crazy laws - Neighbor tries to get signatures for mailman to be killed (31:13) - Let's Talk Some More About That - Kim Davis holding an elected position - Bruno "Riptide" Jeffries runs for lifeguard (36:27) - Listener Question - "Do you think Olivia Pope exists?" - Olivia Pope tries to help Kim Davis cover up a murder (40:30) - Listener Question - "Are there issues that people aren't covering that you think should be covered?/Drones - Hunters prepare for the first day of drone season (44:25) - Listener Question - "Why don't Americans get tickets based off a percentage of their earnings?" A cop pulls over a rich man who doesn't care about the tickets (51:41)
  14. Kevin Bartelt

    EPISODE 210 — Entering From the Rear

    Here is a breakdown of this episode. - Twitter Suggestion – Moped – The Jam is the only band associated with a means of transportation/Discussing who’s punk and who’s pop – Music store employee argues sub-punk with customer and kids learn about “Jesus Entering from the Rear” (1:31) - Let’s Talk Some More About That – Hearing “Jesus Entering from the Rear” for the first time/Being protective of what your children see – Father overreacts to son hearing “Jesus Entering from the Rear”/Google shuts down the website while figuring out the spelling of dingleberry (11:33) - Let’s Talk Some More About That – Guessing Quest For Fire and Caveman’s Release Date - Universal Studios executives brainstorm the movie App War/Attendees go on the ride in App World (23:41) - Case Closed - Should high school football continue if players die? - Now that you have to be 21 to play football, a coach teaches the game to his new nerdy team (33:54) - Let's Talk Some More About That - Comedian warms-up the crowd by encouraging impressions of Besser - Manager warns opening act not to mention headliner Louie Anderson (1:03:24) - Let's Talk Some More About That - The chronology of Wayne's new album/The World Book - A young Wayne is forced to use The World Book during a family dinner (1:11:13) - We Need to Talk About Kevin - Kevin the Intern's Intern and Eric the Paid Intern interviewed people/Besser explains the importance of follow-up questions - Late night host grills guest after taking the Matt Besser Interview Class (1:25:54)
  15. This is a breakdown of the scenes from this episode. - “Love Forty Down” – Mookie’s horrible 31st birthday (3:15) - Let’s Talk Some More About That Song – Not settling down – Father uses fingertips of dishwashing gloves as condoms (15:10) - “The Opening Act of Spring” – Poet reaches success by insulting her boyfriend in poems (25:36) - Let’s Talk Some More About That Song – Besser’s ex-girlfriend gives “curse” during final meal together – Family gets cursed by only cumming air (38:54) - “The Next Storm” – Friends inaccurately reminisce on “The Wizard of Oz” (49:20) - Let’s Talk Some More About That Song – Frank’s music causes religious protests – Band tries to make controversial music to stir up protest (58:23) - “Get Better” – Obnoxious kid finally meets the artists he criticizes online (1:04:03) - Let’s Talk Some More About That Song – The black marker – Jon confronts with racism in the workplace (1:15:51) - “Still Believe” – The Muppets drop by for an Improv4Humans scene (1:22:33)
  16. Great episode. Especially loved all their interesting stories together.
  17. Humons, Here is a breakdown of the scenes from this episode. We call all suggestions (from a live audience or online) Twitter Suggestions. That's why they're labeled that way. - Twitter Suggestion – Nurse – Patient meets with a doctor who believes he’s a cat (1:45) - Twitter Suggestion – Airport – Passenger upgrades from middle seat to flying the plane (7:39) - Twitter Suggestion – Polygon – Parents evade son’s math questions (20:04) - Twitter Suggestion – Camel – Best man and bride try to pull off moose-knuckles/camel toe at wedding (31:30) - Twitter Suggestion – Pac-Man – Son struggles to teach naïve mom how to use a computer/Father with explosive prostate talks to his imagination while masturbating (39:37) - Twitter Suggestion – Revenge – Passionate Game of Thrones fan confronts George R.R. Martin about the future of Jon Snow (49:40) - Kevin The Intern's Intern
  18. Here is a breakdown of the scenes from this episode. All suggestions (from a live audience or online) are called Twitter Suggestions. That's why they're labeled that way. - Intro Story – Snarky signs reprimand customers who don’t wash hands – 3 men in a single bathroom discuss being forced to wash hands by “the man” (1:42) - Twitter Suggestion – Confetti – Commander uses long-range confetti canon to convince the enemy the war is over (6:23) - Question from Listener – “What is the best/worst thing that happened to you at a concert?” – Prosecutor and defendant have no memory of the event but both feel they’re right (12:20) - Intro Story – Ian won the county science fair as a kid – Apocalypse survivors get excited when they meet the man they think can make electricity (16:47) - Twitter Suggestion – Autocorrect – Crazy Tom Stoppard fans finally get to meet their playwright hero (26:48) - Question from Listener – “What happened the last time you were lost?” –Customer’s low rating makes it hard for him to get through a normal day (37:30) - Question from Listener – “If you could try your hand at any job in the world for a week, what would you be most curious or eager to try?” – NBA players/Fat Albert gang are not happy that competition winner gets to play in a game (45:15) - Twitter Suggestion – Silver spoon – Two friends brainstorm a story to convince mom that they found her dollar so they can keep it (51:30) - Twitter Suggestion – Hitchhiking – Deathmobile driver picks up hesitant hitchhikers (57:43) - Twitter Suggestion – Parachute – Angry farmers accuse man who accidentally parachuted into their field of stealing corn (1:03:50) - Intro story – Advertising what you love – Ian pursues a hidden camera commercial for wet wipes (1:11:18) - Kevin The Intern's Intern
  19. I need a placeholder comment for when I make the breakdowns. But to your point, I'll just say "This is the # comment."
  20. Humons, This is a breakdown of the scenes from this episode. - “Chico” – Constantly high drug dealer joins a fun cartel (1:40) - Let’s Talk Some More About That Song – Donald Trump Piñatas – Customer wants to buy unbreakable piñata that looks like his brother (10:14) - “Go The Distance” - Man lives with a broken penis after his boss tells him to go fuck himself (14:37) - Let’s Talk Some More About That Song - Impatient family fights in Taco Bell drive-thru about what to order from bizarre menu (24:54) - “Modern Times” – Supreme Court judges argue about a case with the youngest Supreme Court judge ever (30:37) - Let’s Talk Some More About That Song – Millennials feeling sense of entitlement – Parents have sex in front of son after he tells them to make a new birds and the bees talk (39:43) - “I Got You” – A dating duet’s bickering songs inspire teen couples (45:34) - Let’s Talk Some More About That Song – Making art to show your love for someone – Secondary stars in reality show want their own show (58:11) - Kevin The Intern's Intern
  21. Kevin Bartelt

    EPISODE 205 — Flaming Mop and Tuxedo

    Humons, Here is a breakdown of the scenes from this great episode. - Crap on YouTube – “E News: Racial Debate turns into an argument” – Racist gets in fight everywhere he goes (2:09) - Crap on YouTube – “Factory Entertainment Resin Statue Review” – Husband refuses to make Garfield statue collection visible to public (10:46) - Let’s Talk Some More About That – Obsessing over box sizes – Customer tries to steal a lamp store’s best box (20:37) - Crap on YouTube - “Fat Mike from NOFX offers $100 for a fan to leave the show” – Patron denies money to stop talking about complicated theories at restaurant (25:04) - Let’s Talk Some More About That – Discussing tactics used on “The Last Ship” and zombie shows – Survivor tries new way to kill zombies despite success with other techniques (32:21) - Crap on YouTube – "Trump Supporter Tears Up a Latino Protestor’s Sign. Smiles Happily Afterwards” – Morrissey pitches lyrical signs for protest (35:47) - Crap on YouTube - “Hungarian camerawoman kicks, trips refugee” – Photographer goes to extremes to get the best shot (43:10) - Crap on YouTube – “Walmart Chant” – Walmart employee isn’t comfortable with pre-work song parodies (50:11) - Crap on YouTube - “How to Get Rid of Very Old Pet Stains and Odors” – Vacuum salesman sprinkles ashes of dead people on customer’s carpet (53:41) - Crap on YouTube - "How to Survive a Traffic Stop: I Don’t Answer Questions” – TSA employee asks Besser randomly specific security questions (58:41) - Crap on YouTube – Elimidate Episode – Date treats sloppy seconds very seriously (1:10:01) - Kevin the intern's intern
  22. Kevin Bartelt

    EPISODE 204 — Convoy

    Humons, Here is a breakdown of the scenes from this episode. - Intro Story – Firing off canon at a job – Searching for job where firing canon is only task (0:21) - Intro Story – Defining infamous – Infamous people in relationships (6:58) - Question from Listener – Have you ever ditched someone mid-date? – Creating elaborate scheme to ditch date mid-meal (11:55) - Let’s Talk Some More About That – Intimidated by new entertainment mediums – The funeral of DVDs/Star Wars deleted scene (15:57) - What the Fuck is Going on? – Violent nursery rhymes – (Daddy finger, momma finger) Parent educates child with disturbing and inaccurate nursery rhymes (24:37) - What the Fuck is Going on? – Kim Davis/Overusing religion to defend actions – Pilot refuses to fly because “only God should be in the sky” (29:17) - What the Fuck is Going on? – Monkeys/falcons protect jets from flying birds – Macy’s Day Parade gets violent with use of monkeys and falcons (38:02) - What the Fuck is Going on? – Pissing on light poles causes them to corrode/fall - Meeting athletes in pissing contest (43:18) - What the Fuck is Going on? – Infrequently blooming flower smells like rotting flesh – Employees go out of their way to make patrons use barf bags (48:13) - What the Fuck is Going on? – Ashley Madison/Browsing the Internet for first time – Actor defends murdering because he’s a method actor (52:36) - Let’s Talk Some More About That – Interstellar/ Accuracy in sci-fi movies – Pitching dull sci-fi movies (57:50) - What the Fuck is Going on? – Alaska-Ohio on Mt. McKinley/Giving false credit – Rushing to find anyone to complete comedy map (1:03:12) - Let’s Talk Some More About That – Anarchist at the Haymarket Riot – Meeting a real anarchist who wants to bomb everything (1:09:49) - What the Fuck is Going on? – The Kardashians setting off fireworks at 1 AM/Posting photos online – Reposting great moments from your life (and others’) on Facebook - (1:18:03)
  23. Kevin Bartelt

    EPISODE 203 — Bitter Beer Face

    Humons, Here is a breakdown of the scenes from this episode. - Intro Story – Famous person hook-up who spouse would be okay with – Girlfriend informs boyfriend that Obama wants to have sex with her (0:33) - Intro Story – New season of Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell - Negotiating for season 3 at Ad-ult Swim. (7:36) - Twitter Suggestion – Roadkill – Running toward bears to avoid squirrels (16:49) - Crap on YouTube – Dentist pulls 32 teeth instead of 3 – 1-tooth man claims to look like the Bitter Beer Face guy (25:09) - Question from Listener – What is your favorite part about Donald Trump? – High school student gets grief for interrupting people (37:16) - Let’s Talk Some More About That – Songs that tell you what to do – Creating a horrible throwback song (58:17) - Let’s Talk Some More About That – Besser’s daughter singing “Bicycle” by Queen – Learning different lyrics to nursery rhymes (1:09:00) - Let’s Talk Some More About That – Running from security at Outside Lands – Grounded kids try to escape obese parents (1:18:10)
  24. Humons, Here is a breakdown of the scenes from this episode. - Intro Story - @FatJew steals Besser joke – Parents get angry at son for not crediting jokes heard at camp (1:40) - Let’s Talk Some More About That – Finding out how many calories are burned during masturbation – Burning calories at the gym by masturbating (19:25) - Let’s Talk Some More About That – Traces of anti-Semitism being allowed when posting hate at his Twitter handle – Searching for The Ugly Jew columnist who writes advice (27:36) - Let’s Talk Some More About That – Joke-stealer defends himself in interview – Writer who makes rappers uncomfortable during interviews (40:11) - Let’s Talk Some More About That – If the joke-stealer had a show at UCB - Erin Brockovich has to show top after trying to force someone to drink poison water (50:05) - Let’s Talk Some More About That – Stealing Besser’s joke word-for-word – Mookie has to admit at school assembly that he had sex with his dog (54:22) - Let’s Talk Some More About That – Getting credit when not deserved – Ed Sullivan getting credit for Beatles performance (1:06:01) - Confrontation Corner – TV show doesn’t give credit to co-creator – Mike discusses getting recognition for his contribution to new sitcom (1:10:52)
  25. Kevin Bartelt

    EPISODE 201 — Surrounded by Passwords

    Humons, Here is a breakdown of the scenes from this episode. - Intro Story – Required passwords/Joe’s multiple bank accounts – Bank teller only gives Will 45 seconds to make transfer (0:31) - Twitter Suggestion – Baphomet – Jon gets revved up discussing “Jew shit” with his friend’s parents (14:38) - What the Fuck is Going on? – Nuns try to revoke convent sold to Katy Perry after hearing “I Kissed a Girl” – Nuns discuss true feelings about Katy Perry’s music (25:04) - Question from Listener – What was the thing you were most made fun of for as a kid? – Teacher gives students with unique last names a gentle ribbing (31:55) - Crap on YouTube – KKK member at Confederate Flag rally confronted for wearing Fubu shoes – Discovering what real American products look like (41:45) - The Mope Report – Besser got pulled over for not having a seatbelt on – Getting pulled over for not having breakfast (50:30) - Let’s Talk Some More About That – Creating a complicated password –Bank has stingy rules with the number 69 (1:04:17) - Let’s Talk Some More About That – Superstitions with numbers – Renaming the Nerd Herd (1:09:59) - What is Bothering You? – Trophy culture – Jon keeps getting demoted because of his Frisbee skills (1:21:40)