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    EPISODE 200 โ€” 200th Episode!

    Humons, Here is a break-down of the scenes from this episode. - Intro Story โ€“ Buying music online โ€“ The Chemical Brothers threaten Andy for money after he gets their music online for free (0:29) - Intro Story โ€“ Parking valet tells Brett the lot is full due to โ€œStar Warsโ€ โ€“Brett gets kicked out of various places for โ€œStar Warsโ€ but doesnโ€™t get any other explanation (8:58) - Letโ€™s Talk Some More About That โ€“ Going off on a stranger โ€“ Racist store gives customer VIP treatment/following (14:23) - What is Bothering You? โ€“ Dentist who killed Cecil the Lion โ€“ Man continues to go to dentist even though he killed Cecil (29:42) - Letโ€™s Talk Some More About That โ€“ Transporting dead animals at an airport โ€“ Airport security grills passenger about putting gazelle in zebra bag (41:39) - Crap on YouTube โ€“ Police officer gives message to thief who broke into his favorite restaurant โ€“ Officers follow up on restaurant robbery (52:55) - Crap on YouTube โ€“ Masonโ€™s Dream Wave โ€“ Documentarian interviews surfers about their perfect wave (1:06:44) - Crap on YouTube โ€“ Post-fight interview โ€“ Fighter afraid of hurting kindhearted opponent (1:16:55) - Twitter Suggestion โ€“ Blackout โ€“ Chemical Brothers discuss making chemical kills everything and converts them into Chemical Brothers (1:24:51)
  2. They sounded more nervous meeting Bonobos than they did meeting Obama.
  3. Kevin Bartelt

    EPISODE 360 โ€” Snow Dome

    ISIS the New Black.
  4. Kevin Bartelt

    EPISODE 239.5 โ€” 7/03/15 TWO CHARTED 178

    5....4......3....2......1 and we're back. This episode was hysterical on so many levels.
  5. Kevin Bartelt

    Episode 206 โ€” Micro-budget Filmmaking

    Rewards for Blastin' M'Lats Kickstarter backers: $500 - The Pec Deck workout video $1000 - The In-depth Lats workout video $1500 - How not to work out legs video $2000 - Behind the scenes of Creamin' M'Delts (pre-Blastin M'Lats) video $10000 - 1-on-1workout session with director, actor, star, producer, film attendee Kyle Dunnigan) $20000 - Be an extra in the film (Warning: if you have strong leg muscles, you must wear pants or a dress or both)
  6. Kevin Bartelt

    16 Heaven Knows I'm Morrissey Now

    Also, Kevin is so fucking funny. Hilarious stories.
  7. Kevin Bartelt

    16 Heaven Knows I'm Morrissey Now

    Great ep! Mac Sabbath is like if Weird Al took a parody too far. But I'm also tempted to see their Long Beach show...
  8. https://soundcloud.com/kevin-bartelt/wall-e-tries-cocaine
  9. Yes! So excited for this episode. Last year's was great.
  10. Kevin Bartelt

    EPISODE 336 โ€” NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Got my CBB "Motherfuckers wanna laugh" shirt today. Miss you all the time, Harris.
  11. So much laughter in this episode - I loved it. Joe has an awesome sense of timing and is very creative. I've seen him at UCB a bunch, and he's always hysterical. I could listen to these two talk about windows for hours. "The concavity of these windows doinks the sunlight back out into the sun."
  12. Kevin Bartelt

    Episode 203 โ€” Trauma

    Where is the tea/meditation place? It sounds wonderful. Awesome episode.
  13. Kevin Bartelt

    EPISODE 183 โ€” Tatertown

    Besser is right. The Assscat show had a very weird vibe (audience-wise). Too bad he didn't see the crowd of 100 15-year-old girls taking pictures with the monologist after the show. It looked like a scene from High School Musical 2. I think most of the audience had nothing to say about Hillary because they weren't alive when Bill was president. Also, if it's possible, I'd love to talk to Matt about what happened after the show. There was a lot of hilarious/dramatic shit that went on that he unfortunately doesn't know about.
  14. Kevin Bartelt

    The Plugs Fight Song

    https://soundcloud.com/kevin-bartelt/the-plugs-fight-song Performed by The Baskin-Robbins House Band
  15. The Monkees and Seal made love and created Gorillaz and Phish.