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  1. Guys, I've got a question; Should I make my avatar an actual picture of myself? Should I stop living a lie?
  2. I think my favorite Codyboy moment is when the boys go through and read his Twitter. It's a peak into our favorite engineer's twisted, fucked-up mind, and I relish every second of it.
  3. That interview devolves into the most entertaining/homophobic shitshow this side of the Missisippi.
  4. Casper's body-to-head ratio is really messed up... Goodnight!
  5. Steve Little, how much trouble would I be in if I made a show called Westbound & Upward? Because, if it's more than a little trouble I can't do it. Also, follow up question; what should Westbound and Upward be about?
  6. If you make a petition, I'll sign it. I only accept Stephens in my America. #StephenNotSteven #UnevenStephens
  7. I mean, you're not wrong. You're not right, but you're not wrong.
  8. Guys, can we talk about DJ Khaled's Snapchat stories? They're so inspiring.
  9. Come here first before you go to Facebook. The birthday wishes you get here will offset the sadness you feel there
  10. I hope they visit every engineers house from now on. I want to see where Cody lives. I want to be disgusted and scared.
  11. Heheeheheheheheheheheheeheheh
  12. They will say the same thing about Ron Jeremy when he passes
  13. Rules For A Bird 1: Eat the worm 2: Gobble that seed 3: Have eggs 4: Fly 5 Drain the three-ball
  14. I'm excited to hear everyone's beautiful voices!
  15. I ain't saying she's a golddigger, I'm just saying she's wearing a helmet with a light on it
  16. Its almost time for finals week for me everyone. Give me your strength. Shout your knowledge at the heavens and I shall absorb and use it. #PrayForPieman
  17. Glad to hear the boys take Thanksgiving to task. Maybe next year we can get Tanksgiving! I need more Tanks But No Tanks gosh dang it!
  18. Thanksgiving is slowly but surely taking up the entire month of November. I warned the village elders about this!
  19. I can't believe I missed my chance to call in. Stupid thanksgiving and stupid road trips. (No, seriously guys I've been in the car 12 hours now I'm losing it. My butt hurtz.) How've y'all fine folks been?