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    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    If anyone is looking for a D&D Podcast with a bit of a different feel, we just started podcasting our live-on-stage D&D show Knights of the Arcade. We're on iTunes and at www.knightsofthearcade.com We play a slightly simplified version of the game (just to speed it up and make it engaging for a live audience) and our DM improvs the quests based on audience suggestions, but we really try to recreate the atmosphere of a bunch of friends in a basement playing the game, except we're all comedians and there are 100 people watching us do it. And we have special guests, Spencer from Harmontown just came out and did a few shows with us. Anyway, if you like it let us know, and if you don't, I sincerely apologize for wasting your time. {Bluff check: 4} Ok it's not that sincere, but still, sorry.