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    Caveman (1981)

    This film was another one of those things that was in regular HBO rotation when I was younger. I may not ever want to have to sit through it again, but it would be fun to force Jason to reckon with it.
  2. EricFate

    Episode 252 - Governor Gabbi

    I've lived in and around the Sacramento area for the past two decades, and I can honestly say, I have never heard of this film or film-maker. But I am so fascinated by it now that I know it exists.
  3. EricFate

    Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)

    I remember when this movie was released in theaters. I actually bought tickets to go see it. Twice. But, to be fair, it was for a good reason. It was the only non-R rated film that was in the theater at the time, and by doing so, it allowed me to get into the building so that my underage self could sneak into showings of Witches of Eastwick and Robocop.
  4. EricFate

    Paywall Special Announcement

    I'm cool with it. Here's my take. I can download the episodes when they first air, listen to them at my leisure, and then keep them around in case I want to re-listen. Or I can subscribe, download the episodes (ad free), listen to them at my leisure, and then keep them around in case I want to re-listen. That's what I used to do with WTF. But eventually they gave me a third option. They hooked up with aspecialthing records, and manufactured a 2-disc set with the first 100 episodes on it. You better believe I bought the hell out of that. Sure, I already had them available to me via their app -- but I prefer physical media. And sure I could have burned them to disc myself, but I also like cover art and inserts and booklets and crap. I know that isn't free to produce, it also doesn't generate any bandwidth when I decide to revisit something.
  5. EricFate

    Saturn 3 (1980)

    This is a film which got a decent amount of HBO airplay while I was young (pre-teen). I remembered being terrified of Hector the robot when I first saw it, but little else (including the name of the film). When I saw the robot pictured on the front of a recent (Dec 2013) Blu Ray release, my reaction was immediate. I knew needed to revisit this film. So I did. And as an adult, I found it terrifying for a different set of reasons. For starters: 1) The acting (or lack thereof) 2) The complete disregard for pacing 3) Keitel's voice (or rather -- Ray Dotrice's voice) I'd love to hear the team react to this film.