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  1. :-) https://soundcloud.c...sic/jus-wan-2-c :-) Lyrics: I jus wan to see what u got for me my friends always see me with a brand new thing call me greedy i just wanna see you baby i just wanna i just wanna see (plug me baby)
  2. Brackish Waters

    Man! I Feel Like A Plugbag by ERA KIN

    bump for more shania in your life
  3. https://soundcloud.c...-like-a-plugbag
  4. Brackish Waters


    thanks for the love, everyone
  5. Brackish Waters

    EPISODE 378 — Mailer Daemon

    thanks for all the plug theme love!
  6. i couldn't be happier that only several seconds of my plug theme were played on hollywood handbook and yet it still managed to upset tom scharpling. thank u greasenose
  7. "place the plug, into your ear... and allow it to expand" http://soundcloud.co...ic/back-in-town
  8. Brackish Waters

    What are forum for?

    could you speak on that?
  9. Brackish Waters

    Episode 79 — Mary Holland, Our Close Friend

    mark is gonna be majorly pissed
  10. Brackish Waters

    If Sean and Hayes ran a film festival...

    yes they would have commercials, which would be played in between the movies
  11. https://soundcloud.c...w-u-r-somewhere B) B) B) B) B)
  12. https://soundcloud.com/brackishwatersofficial/2-0-1-4-p-l-u-g-b-a-g-p-r-a-i Lyrics: (2014, welcome to another edition) You've got something special, that I want to know I want to see you work that Twitter or brand new TV show Do you want to promote a new season on HBO? Have you got a special or a Comedy Central Roast? Oh You've got what I want to see, be it stage or silver screen Your content is my ecstasy, baby (Plug, Plug, Bag) Plugs (2014)