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  1. :-) https://soundcloud.c...sic/jus-wan-2-c :-) Lyrics: I jus wan to see what u got for me my friends always see me with a brand new thing call me greedy i just wanna see you baby i just wanna i just wanna see (plug me baby)
  2. https://soundcloud.c...-like-a-plugbag
  3. Brackish Waters

    Man! I Feel Like A Plugbag by ERA KIN

    bump for more shania in your life
  4. Brackish Waters


    thanks for the love, everyone
  5. "place the plug, into your ear... and allow it to expand" http://soundcloud.co...ic/back-in-town
  6. Brackish Waters

    EPISODE 378 — Mailer Daemon

    thanks for all the plug theme love!
  7. i couldn't be happier that only several seconds of my plug theme were played on hollywood handbook and yet it still managed to upset tom scharpling. thank u greasenose
  8. Brackish Waters

    What are forum for?

    could you speak on that?
  9. Brackish Waters

    Episode 79 — Mary Holland, Our Close Friend

    mark is gonna be majorly pissed
  10. Brackish Waters

    If Sean and Hayes ran a film festival...

    yes they would have commercials, which would be played in between the movies
  11. https://soundcloud.c...w-u-r-somewhere B) B) B) B) B)
  12. https://soundcloud.com/brackishwatersofficial/2-0-1-4-p-l-u-g-b-a-g-p-r-a-i Lyrics: (2014, welcome to another edition) You've got something special, that I want to know I want to see you work that Twitter or brand new TV show Do you want to promote a new season on HBO? Have you got a special or a Comedy Central Roast? Oh You've got what I want to see, be it stage or silver screen Your content is my ecstasy, baby (Plug, Plug, Bag) Plugs (2014)