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  1. Amazing episode. I laughed out loud many times.
  2. So great. Please make more
  3. JacobLyu

    Motherfuckers wanna laugh.

    9th'd? Can I get away with it on a technicality?
  4. JacobLyu

    Motherfuckers wanna laugh.

  5. JacobLyu

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Just wanted to say thank you.
  6. JacobLyu

    Frontpage download links are not working

    And because I'm weird I figured out why. Main page link https://soundcloud.com/hdtgm/95-temptation-confessions-of-a-marriage-counselor-w-katie-aselton/download/ Episode page link https://soundcloud.com/hdtgm/95-temptation-confessions-of-a-marriage-counselor-w-katie-aselton/download Soundcloud doesn't like superfluous slashes. Easy fix
  7. To whom it may concern, Just wanted to let you know that the download links on the main page just go to a "oh no couldn't find that page" on Soundcloud. I can still download them from the episode page, it is just the main page that isn't working and oh how I hate extra clicks