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    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    Why did no law enforcement agents seem to care about where all of Cyrus's secret intel came from? And who sent him the message to "Meet at Carson City"? To know that much about the layout of this special plane AND it's itinerary, he must have had someone working on the inside. Vince Larkin didn't seem worried about that in the slightest. Also, when Vince Larkin was going through Cyrus's intel, how did he possibly crack that "Last Supper" code so quickly? If he poisitioned that picture on any other line of text, wouldn't he have have come up with a completely different "message" (or set of letters)?
  2. kcrow1285

    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    I have a theory about the scene where the young girl waves goodbye to Garland Greene. A note on Con Air's Wikipedia page says: "Jerry Bruckheimer wanted to cut the final scene of Greene at the craps table in Las Vegas and end the film with the heartfelt family reunion. The screenwriters and director convinced Bruckheimer to include the scene and in test screenings, audiences loved it, thus it stayed[citation needed]." What if they originally left the girl's fate ambiguous and had the movie end with the "heartfelt" family reunion? (I put "heartfelt" in quotes because Tricia and Casey Poe never looked anything but horribly uncomfortable). If that were the case, and they then threw that craps scene into the end, somebody might have said something like "Huh. We should probably also throw a scene showing that the girl is ok. That way, the audience won't be pissed when this guy shows up again."
  3. kcrow1285

    Episode 97 — Rhinestone: LIVE!

    SO MANY QUESTIONS. Here's two I've been thinking about: 1. It definitely looks like Stallone shaved or waxed his chest before that triumphant final performance. Did Stallone make an actor's choice on that (e.g., my Italian stereotype of a character would definitely drop chest hair before performing in NYC)? Or, are we to believe that Jake Farris told him he should do it because it would make him more like a country cowboy? 2. Patrick Swayze's character in Road House (Dalton) went to NYU and drives a car with NY plates. What are the chances that, either in college or after he graduated, Dalton worked as a cooler at the Rhinestone bar? It is the premier country music bar in NYC, which we now know is the country music capital of the world thanks to this movie. Maybe that's why Dalton got so well known that people would go out of their ways to recruit him for their bars. And, maybe that's why the Rhinestone bar has so many hecklers now; Dalton's not there to keep everyone in line.