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    My dogs and wife, PANTIESLA.com, burritos, pro wrestling, bad movies, border towns.
  1. Lomax Pacino

    My Father the Hero (1994)

    Best scene is when he starts playing "Thank heaven for little girls" on the piano and all the patrons started walking out since the entire island thought he was a sex offender. Pretty awesome.
  2. Lomax Pacino

    Bug (2006)

    Drugs. Tin Foil. Bug tape
  3. Lomax Pacino

    halloween suggestions

    Tick or Treat from 1986!!!!! Satanic heavy metal rock star comes back from the dead thru a record player. Skippy from Family Ties accidentally brings him back and the shit hits the fan. I bought this for $3 at Big Lots since Ozzy and Gene Simmons were on the cover. They don't even have main roles. Ozzy is in it for less than a minute and Gene Simmons plays a radio DJ and has less than 10 minutes of screen time throughout the film. Ozzy's head explodes and Gene Simmons does his best Wolfman Jack impression. Perfect Halloween movie if you enjoy spandex, metal and Skippy From Family Ties. PLEASE watch this horrifying pile of shit. The music number at the end is BONKERS. MARGOT KIDDER BONKERS!!!! http://youtu.be/g2Iv2vVIqng