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  1. An article pertaining to how good old sourpuss pissed in Marcel Duchamp's famous urinal. http://dangerousmind..._marcel_duchamp
  2. I enjoyed this grepisode. Brendan Jennings makes one rad dad.
  3. 1. All women are fat (have big bellies) and all men have 6 packs. 2. All women have short hair and all men have medium hair. 3. Women burp out their b*tt and fart out of their mouth (also shit out their mouth) - men vice versa. 4. Men can do whatever they want and women are thirty.
  4. ChelseaPearson

    Episode 327 — Bang! Bang! Into Your Mouth!

  5. ChelseaPearson

    Episode 327 — Bang! Bang! Into Your Mouth!

    Because the theme from DuckTales (Woo-oo!) always needs to be sung.
  6. ChelseaPearson

    Episode 315 — Sandwich Therapy

    Recipe for 7 Layer Dip of Gratitude: Rose Petals Feathers Rose Petals Feathers Sour Cream Rose Petals Feathers Serve in a refrigerated room.
  7. ChelseaPearson

    Strictly Platonic: Risky Business? wfm

    I figured it out. Ep. 288 - Back to Barz, Back to Reality. A little over 28 minutes in. What is important here is that I was right. I could get use to this.
  8. I am weird and am trying to find the podcast from this year where Hot Soccermom mentions that in every Tom Cruise movie - Tom Cruise should see a television screen playing Risky Business and then put down his shades and says something along the lines of "I could get use to this." Can anyone please direct me? I made a bet and I am trying to prove my point.