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  1. Linctron3000

    Episode 95 — Mike Still, Our Close Friend

    Oh, I can't stand all that talk about spooky skellingtons and haunted Dr. Frankingsteins
  2. Linctron3000

    Please get Tim Heidecker on the show

    I find myself just laughing at the fact that people are laughing, and it feels a little cheap. I hate to say it, but it's kind of like Bob and Tom
  3. Linctron3000

    Please get Tim Heidecker on the show

    Idk... I've never really enjoyed his CBB episodes. Its just that lazy, laughing-at-nothing anti-comedy that I think too many people fall for
  4. Linctron3000

    Volcano (1997)

    It's like none of them have ever heard of a volcano. It's.... bananas.
  5. Linctron3000

    Volcano (1997)

    This movie looks like it could've been made in 1985. It's fantastically bad. Please do it
  6. Linctron3000

    What guest do you want to see?

    Bill Hader - Bill Murray - Dana Carvey - Donald Glover - The Avett Brothers - President Lincoln
  7. Linctron3000

    Plugs 4: Fuck's Sake

    Dear Mr. Likethunder, I'm strangely fascinated by your objectively off-putting songs. Do you dabble in music elsewhere? Sincerely, Sir Linctron
  8. Linctron3000

    "PLUG ON THIS - By Pitbull" - By Linctron

    Well, i liked it anyway
  9. Linctron3000

    Fool me once, I'll kill your dog

    That's what I WANTEDDDD!
  10. Linctron3000

    Plugz Theme Hey Nong Man

    Linky likey
  11. Linctron3000

    Exact time that a new ep is released?

    Did he like it pretty much immediately? Or sometime this week? Just curious. Congrats, btw!