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    Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)

    Just watched it, batshit crazy. Twenty minutes wasted on what's basically a bad episode of Three's Company, where Superman & Clark Kent go on a double date & have to take turns excusing each other. The effects, the dialogue, everything - just shit. But unfortunately, it's also pretty amazingly boring.
  2. The Jackal

    Pinocchio (2002)

    Please, HDTGM gods, make this one happen. Watched this on Netflix with the captions turned on, and it was fucking amazing - the captions didn't match up to the dubbed dialogue about half the time. And it wasn't just a little off, there were times where the meaning of the dialogue was substantially changed. This movie is so freaking insane I wouldn't know where to begin with it.
  3. The Jackal

    Can't Stop The Music (1980)

    Just watched it... Good God, this needs to happen.