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    Episode 95 — Mike Still, Our Close Friend

    Happy birthday, Sean.
  2. alargebucket

    EPISODE 183 — Tatertown

    No. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitewater_controversy
  3. Their girlfriends/fiancees.
  4. You bros must have hit the dang SUPERHIGH to think it's 4/20 already! Bazinga! Save some for the rest of us! EDIT: I mean no disrespect to those who believe 4/20 is not only a perpetual state of mind independent of the Gregorian calendar, but a legitimate week-long celebration called Hannukkush commemorating UC Santa Barbara's miraculous 1969 seven day smoke session where a single day's worth of weed lasted all of Spring Finals. Worship as you will.
  5. Obama making rookie forumer mistakes here just aping Sean's bits. Clearly he needs to read McGurl's Guide again. "There was a roar of laughter..." "He made the crowds laugh out loud..." Well, the Likes'll roll off real quick if you keep this up, Mr. President.
  6. Good forum rule of thumb hidden in there.
  7. Sorry, honlads, you're not going to get a like from me just for playing hard to get.
  8. I haven't been able to listen to this yet, but, just FYI, I am actually very calm and cool and collected and the #1 Fonzie of the forum and I am certain this is exactly how I came across and not like a hopped up lunatic with sandpaper palms who handles quasi-spotlights by pacing up and down the hallways of a shitty East Village apartment building, stopping only by the lobby mirror to wink and repeat an affirmative mantra to himself. Just FYI. Please adjust your notes/reviews accordingly. Also, this was fun and good and let's just say I think some of our newer forum members have finally been Hazed & Shamed like the rest of us, so there's no more unspoken tension at all and thank god and let's just get back to the posting.
  9. alargebucket

    Episode 76 — Hal Rudnick, Our Close Friend

    Goldie, I love your style. Can you brief me on a few of these memorable outfits?
  10. alargebucket

    Episode 76 — Hal Rudnick, Our Close Friend

    1. Goldie, what steps did you take to manipulate and misadvise your three children following their decision to enter into direct competition with your acting career? Did you abuse their instinctive faith and dependence in you as a mother figure to more easily mislead them or did you simply rely on your natural flair for deception? 2. Just HOW do you get your hair so full of bounce and life!? DISH, girl!
  11. alargebucket

    Happy Birthday, Hayes

    Now I've gone and forgotten whose birthday it is. Ours or his?
  12. Yes, but there is a larger issue.
  13. alargebucket

    Happy Birthday, Hayes

    Happy birthday, Hayes! You've only let me down once and it was done softly into a bed of rose petals.
  14. Nope. Nope. Nope. No thank you. Adios.
  15. This is an amazing thread. I am an in awe of all of you individually and collectively. RanRan, though. Wow. Please keep up, you guys.
  16. Guys, I don't mean to derail this line of questioning, but HAVE YOU SEEN HOW COOL NEW YORK IS!?!? !!!!!
  17. My job forced me to de facto pass the torch to Dixon. Dixon's job has forced him to pass it to Joe. What's going to happen when Joe picks himself up by his bootstraps and gets America back to work? I'm thinking we treat this like a book club where, each week, instead of bringing a box of wine and artisan Bagel Bites... one of us "brings" a piece of art made for the episode. Also: Shoutout to my boy Ryan Sandrew. Stay woke, brother. Stay humble. Also, can one of our admin connections let him make an account? He seems to be in exile.
  18. American Diaper, municipal solid waste, commonly known as trash or garbage in the U.S. and as refuse or rubbish in the UK, is a waste type consisting of everyday items that are discarded by the public. "Garbage" can also refer specifically to food waste, as in a garbage disposal; the two are sometimes collected separately. Litter, however, consists of waste products that have been disposed improperly, without consent, at an inappropriate location. Litter can also be used as a verb. To litter means to throw (often man-made) objects onto the ground and leave them indefinitely or for others to dispose of as opposed to disposing of them properly. Thanks for reading this week's Talking Trash. It's 5:24 and 59 seconds, Garbagemen! I've been your host, Diss Cardwick.
  19. This makes her look like Commander La Forge from Star Trek got sent back in time and started life over again as a cowboy in the Old West. Disgusting Adam's apple, giant moustache, LeVar's VISOR and a cowboy hat brim. Solid work, Photoprince.
  20. Better or worse than Wanastasia?
  21. Looks like she uploaded it to SlideShare: Link
  22. I know you Britons get carried away with your dry humor sometimes, but this is actually very serious and not at all a joke. I missed my train this morning because of this file size. For all I care, it can take its 161 megabytes and go FLAC itself. There I was at half past eight running around the neighborhood near my train stop looking for some sucker with unprotected Wi-Fi because Steve Jobs' little pet project has some kind of 100 MB Oliver Twist download cap. So, let's just say Apple's got me all, "Please, sir, can I have some more... UH INTERNET?", even on AT&T - The Nation's Most Reliable 4G LTE Network with 10GB of lightning fast rollover eligible data... Well, it's 2015 and dogs can marry horses and you can kill your kid at whatever age just as long as he hasn't said, "mama" or "papa", yet, but when a phone doesn't update itself overnight because of a power outage, a desperate and incontinent man has to scrounge around Boston for that sweet, sweet Wi-Hi because some Surfer Engineer thinks WAV output sounds pretty tubular, ya dig? Well, missing a train is only tubular in London, brother. TANKS BUT NO TANKS Note: This actually happened, but it's NBD. 320 is my 420.
  23. Well, you technically don't have the Hollywood Handbook Pro Version yet, Greggy. They were still in the Psych podcast when it happened, which is maybe the ultime psych. Don't lose your edge. Stay hungry, Greggy. Don't let desperation get the best of you. If it's all right, then you're all wrong. I know you know they just don't have any proof. Embrace the deception, learn how to bend. Your worst inhibitions tend to psych you out in the end.
  24. brgrskamp is my redacted. She's a bit cheesy, but what a great set of buns.