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    I honestly thought VPN was going to kill TV for good, and I was so excited about that. Such a well put together channel, so entertaining, and with nearly all of my favorite comedians. I know it's hard to monetize on YouTube, but I had such hopes! Brett, your work is legendary in itself.
  2. BenSturkey

    Episode 7 — Gender

    Was so excited when I found out Michael and Michael are back together, and on their very own EarWolf podcast no less. "Michael & Michael Have Issues" was one of the best shows ever on Comedy Central, can't believe it was cancelled. Whoever made that decison at CC should be frog boxed. http://on.cc.com/1tGRBjO
  3. BenSturkey

    Episode 6 — What is Art?

    Can't decide whether or not this session of Topics is truly art. Either way, it's insanely beautiful.
  4. BenSturkey

    Episode 126 — Their Name Is Korn

    Improv 4 Humans probably being my favorite podcast, and David Bazan being my favorite artist, this was unbelievable. A look into the thoughts behind some of Bazans music, an amazing performance, and of course another hilarious improv session from some of the best. Matt Besser, Brian Huskey, and Horatio Sanz are always great, and I'll definitely be checking out more of John Gemberling and Michael Delaney.
  5. BenSturkey

    Episode 126 — Their Name Is Korn

    Check out Bazan's "Fewer Moving Parts" album is you're looking for more lofi stuff. As far as live recordings, "Bazan: Live at Electrical Audio" is a good choice.