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    Episode 64 — Listeners, Our Close Friends

    i'm still mad that dommy d stopped doing the anytime show. he had a theme song by THE MC chris and he just threw it all away. for what. for what!? i honestly don't know what
  2. NiceDad43

    Where is the T shirt?

    Update, 12.25.2014, I've skipped out on christmas dinner to refresh the earworf store 420, 666, and 669 times in an hour to see if it would make HH t shirts appear, no luck so far
  3. NiceDad43

    Episode 64 — Listeners, Our Close Friends

    "take a page from hollywood handbook", brett? remember when you said that? well i got a little page of my own, oh yeah, let me just think about the page. oh, i got it here's a page for you brett :143? no, not that, instead it's this: 43
  4. NiceDad43

    Episode 64 — Listeners, Our Close Friends

    why wasn't i beeped about this why did i even...FREAKING pay Brett 500 dollars for the hollywood handbeeper if it doesn't even freaking work!!
  5. didn't i see you at doki doki beats, the society for the appreciation of japanese girl metal bands and maid themed dominion games??
  6. wtf...i'm in new orleans too what are the friggin odds ?
  7. I had to pull off onto the side of the road while listening to this just to calm down a little bit. I did not think a podcast could get any spookier than Eliza's episode, but now i long for those fraught puppet days I love you guys, and as soon as I can buy girl scout cookies online I'm going to send you both two big boxes of samoas (and maybe help out little Sam be the neighborhood lead)
  8. NiceDad43

    Hollywood Handbook: Tabbed Out

    YES I MEAN A BEST OF!! but for notebooks, best ofs are the tabs you put in the notebooks, like this So for example one tab would be, insead of graphics, "look like a peach", one tab would be shredding the mountain on a turtle shell, one tab could be mouse skellington, etc Segments that make you buss up without being super familiar with the lair
  9. I was driving to work in my Miata today, thinking about a lot of stuff, dodging traffic, taking detours, and just enjoying me when I remembered that Hollywood Handbook still has a long way to go before it meets its goal of beating the wolf den butt, and trust me i'm surprised the show isn't called Den Wolf, it'd make about as much sense as anything else going on in this crazy messed up world these days So the show needs ears, listens, and rave reviews, but how to sell it? Ordinarily I'd walk around in a hilarious T shirt and let that do the work for me but we all know how that's working out. A more sophisticated measure is called for Now in a handbook, when you come across important information you need saving, what do you do? If you're my little antonio you probably put a piece of gum in there and god bless his heart he's really close on the important concepts there, but what the REST of us do is, we tab it. We take out our multicolored tabs and put a tab in color coded for how that particular scoop made us FEEl. tabs for things that are funny, tabs for things that are smart, good,a nd funny, things that are smart and funny, and things that are funny and good, i'm preaching to the choir here you get me so i thought: why not make some tabs for our most important handbook of all, our hollywood handbook. and no i'm not talking about the physical copy that magically writes in itself and takes you on fantastic adventures like you get with the pro version, i'm talking about, sort of...editing, sort of engineering our favorite segments into one, long segment, that's still bite sized enough that we can show it to our friends, families, and loved ones, but i can't do it alone and i'm not even sure i can do it legally but if you heart is true, and you love tabs, learning, and being fun, please use this discussion space to share your most cherished hollywood handbook moments, and together maybe we can tab out and make something beautiful
  10. NiceDad43

    Episode 59 — Paul Scheer, Our Close Friend

    update: i followed my heart
  11. NiceDad43

    Episode 59 — Paul Scheer, Our Close Friend

    if we're supposed to be 100% sincere on the forums i have been doing it VERY wrong and may have drastically misread the vibe
  12. NiceDad43

    Episode 59 — Paul Scheer, Our Close Friend

    SERIOUS QUESTION: if i review this show on internet tunes, should i do it in the voice of the show and the forums or should i make a desperate plea that it's actually funny and we're not just a bunch of smarmos being sarcastic to each other, and actually love each other, at least i think we do
  13. NiceDad43

    Hollywood Handbook: Tabbed Out

    I like the idea of an encyclopedia in that it's sort of...one BIG tab but what i'm looking for is more of...a sparknotes encyclopedia
  14. NiceDad43

    Russell Brand's new direction.

    Actually, when Kanye West was asking Sean Hazie for advice on how to make the perfect album, there's a little lyrics that you might find VERY interesting and it goes a little something like Russel Brand/ Russel Crowe Zero Zero Zero, a whole lot of Os Sound familiar? How big of a number is zero? Bzzt, Pencils down: it isn't It's actually quite...small...small...small.... kanye basically owes them his career, so do i even need to spell it out for you? we know whether or not sean and hayes are interested
  15. As a dad, I understand the importance of making sacrifices for the people I love, so that's why making a donation when I see other people doing it was an easy decision for this lovable bear
  16. I tried to PM this to Sean and Hayes so that it would just be for them to share with each other, but since they cannot receive PMs I'm going to have to put my "message in a bottle" so to speak,and pray these Qs get to their Es these questions might not mean anything to the users...but their the world to me
  17. call me joseph gordon levi because i think i'm right smack dab in the middle of a premium rush i don't think little antonio even remembers what was bothering him any more, he's going to stop worrying about trying to sit at the cool kids table, and instead he's going to make his own cool kids table, and he'll get there his own way
  18. so, Iliza was doing something very interesting this episode, and i don't know if a lot of you guys picked up on it, but when Iliza, was talking about ebonics being taught in public schools by leftagoonos to keep, i'm not going to say the word but you know which shade of people i'm referring to, down...she was doing something called "puppy whistling" and oh man my ears were ringing almost the entire time. to normal people, it seems like she just cares about children. but, if you're in the know, or if you're like me and you know how to understand it, what she's really saying is that she stands against the texas board of education and their attempts to keep interesting hollywood facts out of 9th grade history textbooks
  19. i haven't been this scared since tig notaro wasn't sure what a podcast was
  20. dear sean and hayes, sometimes when i'm reading the splitsider website i hear them and see them talk about the cool kids/comedy nerd tables and how they keep shy introspective people like dane cook down, and i was wondering if you had any advice for how to find the cool nerd jock club comedy table and club and how to join it, and even if you know how cool jocks and nerds came to get along at the comedy table in the first place, i thought jocks hates nerds, science, and the avengers but shows what i know, it's been a while since i smelled that public school hall smell (sometimes i drop off less fortunate children to public schools as a community service but am taking an "extended summer" this year, along with them) this is advice is for my son Antonio, thank you
  21. When a problem comes along you speak on that Before the cream sets out too long you speak on that When something's goin' wrong you speak on that Read more: Devo - Speak on That | MetroLyrics
  22. well i don't want to reopen old wounds, but let's just say someone's been suspiciously unavailable for coffee ever since they got their "hollywood handbump"
  23. i do not think i have listened to that one yet, and now i will. thanks for the recommendation and enthusiasm my man i do not know if it will top my friend jordan morris' episode, but i'll give anything a fair shake
  24. Ghost Andrew is pretty scary...zombie andrew is pretty scary...werewolf andrew is pretty scary, but also a little sexy, but i'm scared of that too
  25. i actually saw a cosmo on this the other day, during the ted talk the host explained that actually movies is paper, but a special kind of paper that a projector reads to the audience (or electronic paper in the modern time), and books is paper you read yourself