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  1. Seeing is believing you have eyes that do respond to physical interaction via light and you are not just a computer program.
  2. Make me a pizza baby, it's time to brick oven this shit.
  3. "Technique is dead." said the prospector to the "oriental" "masseuse."
  4. "I'm going for a real Sign's sign," said the sign maker to the alien consultant.
  5. You know what happens when you suppose. You make a guess at what you're supposed to be doing.
  6. It is the opinion of the doctors contained within to be not of this world.
  7. Scouring pads, the old fashioned way to tell if you're a father.
  8. I like posts as much as everyone else, but shouldn't we have some fences by now?
  9. I Suggest Therefore I Am
  10. Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to give fish away, and you're off the hook.
  11. Bologna sausage doesn't make bad sandwiches, UNSKILLED DELICATESSEN CHEFS DO!
  12. A Sun's career on the horizon Stained by clouds of poison smoke We grasp He gasps ...For fresh Comedy Bang Bang
  13. Pet Shop Boyyyyyyys ASEMBLE! It's gift puppy return season.
  14. "I love catching my son's balls with my fathers old leather gloves." Baseball, America's pastime.
  15. More Lore? What a BORE! If this is the canon, let me be it's ball and get outta here!
  16. Ahh the outdoors, it smells so much better than the doors you use to go inside.
  17. This is the second best smelling hospital I've ever been to.
  18. When your loved ones die, what will happen to their Netflix account? Call 1-800-MYNETFLIXNOW for help.
  19. Hands! The Google for blind people.
  20. Solo Ebolo, One Bolo to rule them all
  21. Do it, read the catchphrase we've all been waiting for. Do IT! "eh, maybe next week?"
  22. That wolf is gonna get it in the end if you know what I mean.
  23. I'm just saying. Even though I just said what I just said I'm just saying cuz I'm just saying.
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  25. No really, I'm into that stuff.