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  1. It is very disappointing that the updates on Origin Story have seemed to just fade off. If the project is scrapped the right thing to do would be to refund the money your loyal fans donated. It is safe to assume that you are far more wealthy than most, if not all of the fans who raised over a hundred thousand dollars to help you pursue your dream. It is great that other opportunities have presented themselves to you, but it is downright rude to beg for a huge sum of money only to abandon ship. At this point, I am embarrassed to have fattened the pocket of an already rich celebrity. Fact is, rich people should not crowdfund projects, and especially those they aren't fully committed to completing. Do the right thing and refund the indiegogo money. There are frankly more worthwhile causes that money could be supporting right now.


    It wasn't THAT long ago that I heard Kulap giving an update on the documentary on a different podcast. I assume it's been slower going than expected but it hasn't been abandoned.



    So its sexist because I happen to be highly annoyed with a woman's voice and think that a man in the same room, containing 3 other people, has a weird voice but I don't find it annoying?


    side note, I think that this particular woman doesn't want to be taken 'seriously' because she seemed set on displaying what a "crazy chick" she is, she's a comedic actress, and what I found annoying about her voice was heightened at certain times and completely not present at others, which tells me its a bit of a character that she enjoys playing.


    Is it a problem that Howard's voice makes it hard to take him seriously? I guess not, he has a dick


    Well, but you seemed to be saying at first that it's not sexist to think she has a weird voice because Howard has a weird voice as well--but then by saying you liked his voice but didn't like hers, you seemed to be arguing completely against your point. I just didn't understand why you would even bring that up.


    Obviously, people can like and dislike whatever voices they want. But it's a problem when large groups of women who happen to speak a certain way are dismissed by many men and women simply because of their voices.



    I'm with you, I made fun of Jersey Shore cast member voices years back, and this guest voice was right in that vein. To me, it sounded like she puts forth the character of that loud girl at a party who needs to sound the loudest and drunkest even if she hasn't had a drink yet. Let's just say I felt that she was likely perfectly cast on a show with that name.


    I'm not perfect, I talk way too much sometimes, and I get vocal criticism so I'll give it too. I'm not going to feel like I'm being sexist, because Howard has a weird as hell voice too, the difference is that I enjoy it and it brings me happiness rather than rolling my eyes at no one


    But...that does come off as a little sexist, right? You're saying a man's "weird as hell" voice doesn't bother you, but this woman's voice does.


    It's okay to not love certain people's voices, but it's a problem when huge groups of women are not taken seriously because their voice has vocal fry or they uptalk. It should be the content of what a person is saying that matters.


    (This is also my only problem with Lake Bell's otherwise wonderful "In A World")

  4. Has anyone been listening to Space Cave? I'm listening to the first episode right now and I'm enjoying it! He gets to stay on topic with his knowledgeable guest and it's very interesting!


    I also really enjoy the intro music.


    Am I allowed to talk about a non-earwolf podcast on the earwolf forums?

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  5. It's likely that I will be subscribing, but two things (mostly already mentioned here) sadden me a little bit:


    1) That podcasts that have ended, such as Professor Blastoff, will eventually completely disappear behind the pay wall. Would it be possible to have some of the most recent episodes always available? I understand Analyze Phish is safe, which is nice. But what about Tiny Calves, Beach Poop, and The Wig?!


    2) That the commercials might be disappearing. I hope there's an option in the Howl app to listen to the commercials! I enjoy the handwork most of the podcasters put into them! I don't want to lose Howard Kremer's goofy readings.

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  6. Finished listening to this last night. I'm glad they did a "goodbye" show but this one was a little bit of a bummer note to end on. I feel like the show deserved a better send-off. Of course, that would take a lot of time and effort to put together and they're ending it because they literally don't have time. It would have been cool if Aaron called in or something.


    The end when Kyle wanted to call Mother and David immediately said "I wanna get out of here" was just .. a weird way to end the whole thing. Not that I don't understand where everyone is coming from, but .. yeah.


    I, too, was hoping for an Aaron call or something along those lines (pizza eating contest, Name That Punky, etc). But maybe what the hosts needed was to honestly express their sadness over the show ending, and didn't have it in themselves to perform any of their more entertaining bits.


    I appreciate that David and Kyle seem pretty bummed over the show's ending, haha.


    Also, the final tweets from the Professor Blastoff account were pretty sweet and maybe would leave a better taste in your mouth.

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  7. Goodbye favorite podcast...


    I think I could accept the ending of ProBlast better if I knew Tig, Kyle, David, and Aaron would still be hanging out together. Don't drift apart, you guys! Haha.


    We can't control that, or course, but can we at least pester them to have a Super Bowl pizza eating contest as Tig mentioned?

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  8. Gosh darn it this episode was so great that I am now extra saddened that the podcast is ending. I understand if they don't want to, but I would listen the heck out of just Kyle and David--they've been seeming to get along a lot better lately!


    And what a charming, knowledgable guest!

  9. Great now I'm tearing up in Starbucks.


    I was nervous the end was approaching--but was still shocked to hear the news today. I was just wishing Aaron would return, and now instead none of them will be returning.


    It was great seeing the Blastoff gang in Tig's documentary. Now that scene (does this count as a spoiler?) with David, Kyle, Aaron, and Tig jumping up and down shirtless on the hill will seem extra bittersweet.

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  10. I usually hate to criticize guests on the forums, for fear that they will read it, but...


    What an oblivious, misogynistic guest. And I was willing to give him a chance at first, when he was so adamant that he wasn't like most scummy pick up artists. But then he just got scummier and scummier.


    Thank goodness for the Blastoff crew, especially David, for not letting this guy get away with what he was saying.

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  11. David your stories are boring and horrible and unfunny, you should welcome Kyles brave attempts to salvage them.


    I'm saddened to read this kind of criticism. Not every story is meant to be lough out loud funny. I really appreciated his story.


    Also--David barely reacted to what Kyle said. Why is he getting called out for it so much?

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  12. I don't think David wants out and I would be very sad if he did leave. He plays just as important a part as the other two do. This isn't JUST a comedy podcast--sometimes they express their true reactions/hurt feelings to things. Like people do. Like all three did at the end of the podcast.


    I thought this was a great ep, thanks to Tig, Kyle, David, and Erin!

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