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  1. mikeeschmee

    EPISODE 342 — A Silicon Valley P-Cast

    Kumail showing some leg in the pics.
  2. mikeeschmee

    EPISODE 180 — #RaceTogether

    It took me far too long to realize why they were redoing the scenes in the ebay sketch.
  3. this poast i'm poasting right now is a joke. i am funny.
  4. Remember when that deno guy was mean and then brgho turned his frown upside down with his rad poster?
  5. mikeeschmee

    Episode 69 — Betsy Sodaro, Our Close Friend

    I just finished the episode.
  6. mikeeschmee

    Episode 68 — Erin Gibson, Our Close Friend

    Mike here again. Just finished the episode. I'm hitting the road. Bye.
  7. mikeeschmee

    Episode 68 — Erin Gibson, Our Close Friend

    Hello, my name is Mike and I'm here for the podcast.
  8. I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid (please sing rest of the hit Eminem song before you continue reading this post), to say that I think all of these theme songs were great. The boys were way too harsh. Glad I didn't send in the theme song I made. I've cried enough this week.
  9. Great posting, all around, fellas. I just want to say I'm not intimidated of posting on here for the first time. I guess that makes me pretty cool.