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    Episode 96 — Monkey Shines

    Whoa, how did I miss that?! In the words of Jason, "ohhh boy". Thanks for the clarification, Bernard. PS - can't wait to go home and tell my husband that I wanna gooch his tooch.
  2. Finnytron

    Episode 96 — Monkey Shines

    Long time listener, first time caller. Here are some scattered observations in no particular order: - As a few people mentioned, Allan's presumably spent several weeks, if not months, in the hospital. Distraught Northern Exposure is seen throwing random items (including a pink negligee that passed the "smell test" - eww) into her purse while a party takes place downstairs. Does she think there's no better time to leave her newly disabled lover than immediately upon his homecoming? - Not to be a Northern Exposure apologist, but Allan's feelings towards her relationship with the Tooch seem a tad unfounded. To me, Allan's ranting implied that she betrayed and possibly cheated on him by hooking up with Dr. Hot Tooch. The problem with that is it's already been established that she never visited Allan in the hospital, and she raced upstairs before Allan got home so she could pack up her odd assortment of belongings. Thus, she never met the doctor and decided to end the relationship before being introduced to the doctor at the party. Sure, she stone cold abandoned Allan when he needed her most, but she didn't cheat on him. Does anyone remember Allan's complaints about the "clinical c-nt"? Perhaps that can shed some light on his perception of her. - Yowza, what is the layout of this house? Maybe it's the 3 glasses of cheapo chardonnay I drank in preparation of watching this movie, but I thought the master bath was adjacent to the bedroom, and that bathroom is upstairs (which is established by Northern Exposure packing her stuff in there then going downstairs to peace out on everybody at the party). The pre- and post-accident bathrooms are different, but Allan's bedroom appears to be the same. Do we assume that he has identical rooms upstairs and downstairs? Or is someone carrying him upstairs to bed every night? - Perhaps other people here have a penchant for bearded men with mother issues and decided to do a little research on the star of this movie, but here are some fun facts in case you didn't: - Jason Beghe (Allan) went to school with David Duchovny and John F. Kennedy Jr. and became close friends with both men, even serving as Best Man in Duchovny's wedding to Tea Leoni - Beghe convinced Duchovny to pursue acting - JB joined Scientology to later leave the religion cult. He's considered a Scientology "whistleblower" and states that he spent millions of dollars participating in the religion. - He currently stars on that NBC show "Chicago P.D." and is virtually unrecognizable. He now has a much deeper, more gravelly voice and attributes it to repeatedly pulling his ventillator out while hospitalized after a bad car crash in the late '90s. I hope he wasn't wearing a backpack full of bricks at the time. - Lastly, when the film was released in 1988 JB was friends with JFK Jr., and JFK Jr. was dating Darryl Hannah. I love the idea of JFK Jr. and Darryl attending a screening of Monkey Shines.