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    EPISODE 117.5 - Minisode 117.5

    Did Paul really just spoil the ending of season 6 of The League right before it premiered on Netflix?
  2. JasonMcNamara

    The Paperboy

    Please consider reviewing this disaster. The film starts off with a framing device that gets abandoned after the first five minutes. A list actors portray sleazy and disgusting characters who continually make stupid decisions that get them killed. Also, Nicole Kidman does an air blow job that even gets a gay character hard. Really.
  3. JasonMcNamara

    Episode 96 — Monkey Shines

    Monkey Shines Blue ray drops next month with deleted scenes, alternate ending and commentary from, a presumably sober, George Romero. Should be interesting to see how close Paul's cut brain theory subplot is. https://www.shoutfactory.com/film/film-horror/monkey-shines
  4. JasonMcNamara

    Episode 96 — Monkey Shines

    Wow. This was amazing to listen to stoned.