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  1. All yall make me very happy and this is a great episode! Although I am far past mil age, I would like to clear up an issue Amy had with twitter, with all due respect, of course: There is a setting advanced/business twitter users can turn on that automatically direct messages any new followers. A lot of up and coming comedians and actors buy this setting, i think. It is just an advertisement, really, not an actual message to you. So even though it is a totally creepy and weird action a twitter robot is doing that feels personal, it not a human sending that message that comes immediately upon following a new twitter account. I hope this helps and please let us know if y'all have any mil-media questions in the future. we are here to help! SESH SISTAS UNITE!
  2. I know parallel thinking exists, but DAMN IT DUDES! Y'all scooped me on my bit! The day I finished rendering my UCB Digital Comedy Production VIDEO JOB APPLICATION is the day that this amazing Paul F episode came out. What am I talking about? This! https://youtu.be/Q3DqTCquVGI Brandon first appears at the 2:24 mark. Brandon Content is all over my job application vid! Ah well. Great minds... like pancakes? If any of y'all know anyone with hiring power at the UCB LA Digital Production Dept, please send them my video, and ask them to compliment me (and then hire me as their Producer, Artist or Editor)! DAMN YOU BRANDON CONTENT!
  3. Hi Brett, Hi other engineers, Hi Earwolf, Hi Matt! I know this might not be the appropriate place for this topic, but it FEELS like it is the right place. I made a custom personal, job application VIDEO to apply to work in the Production at UCB LA's Digital Comedy Department, and I want to share it with y'all! https://youtu.be/Q3DqTCquVGI Who makes a video job application?? ME! A cool lady who wants to Produce, Design and Edit, or be a WORK STUDY INTERN for the UCB! And who posts their silly job video on a chat fourm? ME! A cool lady who knows that applying for anything online is like throwing your resume down a hole, and the only way to get anybody to look in that hole is to lead them to it.... SO LOOK IN MY HOLE, MATT BESSER!! And the rest of y'all chat forum users: Thanks for reading this! Please put in a good word for me at the UCB. I KNOW one of y'all mofos works at the UCB or takes classes there, so I would be much obliged if y'all could share my video with who ever. And LA listeners, please holler at me if YOU ever need a music video or a short produced or edited! I like to make things. Holler and thank you ! https://youtu.be/Q3DqTCquVGI
  4. this episode gave me paul f tompkins character blue balls.
  5. SusannaDooleyBoney

    Survivor Season 31 - Second Chance discussion thread

    Terry deets? That gu? I keep forgetting who is who and whom is on each tribe now, but I bet you're right @greggy . The editors WERE trying to hint at his demise by showing him bragging about his skillz this episode, huh?
  6. SusannaDooleyBoney

    Big W's

    I wonder which wicked witch will wish William whistled when walking West with Warren while Whilhelmina wet Walt's waterside?
  7. SusannaDooleyBoney

    Survivor Season 31 - Second Chance discussion thread

    Greggy: "‣ i dont remember when bayon got this cool little boat, it looks like a koopa shell" Amen, dude!! I was tripping out on that boat too, greggy! I thought I had been paying attention, When did they win THAT??
  8. SusannaDooleyBoney

    Survivor Season 31 - Second Chance discussion thread

    Hi! I like survivor too. Do yall remember an old Realty where Sean & Hayes talked about abi maria on her first survivor go round, and joked that the producers were stepping in every time to make sure she didn't get voted off? I think about that every time she does or says anything. WHY DO THEY TOLERATE HER SHIT?? There must be some heavier hand coming in to make sure she stays, right?? I feel nonplussed by Monica leaving, but Woo is so sweetly dumbly loyal that I worry that abi Maria not voting him off is going to give him that weird golden retriever dumb loyalty that bit him in his butt first time he played. Side note: I like it when they show the close ups of ocelots and monkeys and snakes . Who do yall think is going to have the medical emergency next show?
  9. wow what pretty pretty music sang but such a lady! Bret Morris or Sam or any of the other INCREDIBLY HANDSOME AND CHARMING AND DEBONAIR AND SMART AND HANDSOME engineers should def pick this song for the next plug section of dot com boomerang orangutan. https://soundcloud.c...y/pacobels-plug
  10. It's Weekends on All Things Considered on NPR News; I'm Guy Raz.
  11. If James brown is the godfather of soul, why'd he get so mad when I asked him to fix my shoes?
  12. If the jaberwocks a dance crew, then whose heads am I galumphing back with?! This is an outgrabe!
  13. SusannaDooleyBoney

    Nicholas Cage Theme Song: Rockapella Solo

    ok NEVERMIND. i can't do it. its too big a file and computers + hard. you'll never hear it. the end. sorry.
  14. Ta da! I made y'all a theme song exploring the question Would it Have Been Better If Nic Cage Was In It? Other HDTGMadmen, please feel free to boogie this up thru remixes and what not. DONT CYBER BULLY ME. PAUL WHERE IS JUNE!?!?! ps i love the show.
  15. SusannaDooleyBoney

    Episode 164 — Rudeness with Sassy Bluff

    Hiya Matt! Great show! If I may move away from the good feminist points on this fourm... what thoughts do you have on Southern kindness vs Yankee rudeness? Have you read anything about the studies they did on aggression & courtesy in Southern vs Northern Americans ? There is a theory called "the culture of honor", which puts forth the idea that Americans from the South (you & me, per sè) are nicer and more courteous to strangers than Americans from the North would be, simply because we Southeners fear (& rightfully so) that the stranger will react with violence if our behavior is not correct. Here is a quote from a 2 year old article re The Culture of Honor, (the emphasis is mine): " After provocation, Southerners were not only more angry on the outside, they were more angry on the inside, down to their neurochemistry. (The authors also theorize that Southern politeness could be a response to Southern aggression—if Southerners are more likely to take offense than other regional cultures, it follows they would be less likely to give offense, for safety’s sake.) " http://www.chicagomag.com/Chicago-Magazine/The-312/July-2012/American-Violence-and-Southern-Culture/ I totally think this is true. Sometimes even the absence of a kind gesture (e.g.: not holding the door for person walking in behind you, even if they're not caring anything) is considered the height of rudeness in my home state. A lack of a courtesy can be culturally shocking to a Texan. My hometown of Austin Texas is cool, but man, we sure do NOT like having a door shut on us. I'm of the lady variety, and honestly, may have never held a door for myself in my life before moving to Los Angeles at age 22, thus, my first time at a convenience store in LA resulted in me yelling at a very confused stranger for not holding the door for me. Was I in the right? Absolutely not. Would I have yelled at the dude if we were at an Austin 7-11? Absolutely not. I do feel a sort of these-Californians-are-wimps tell 'em like it is/bully impulse here that I've never felt before...is it because I feel Californians are less likely to react violently to my bad behavior than an Austinite would? Did you feel your behavior change when you moved away from Arkansas, and do you treat southerners vs northerners differently? (lumping California in with all non southern states, btw). Loved the show, thanks for the thought provocation! Holler!