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    Hey guys, long time HDTGM listener here. This is a little bit of self promotion, but I thought that folks over here might appreciate what we're doing. Our podcast is called Who Put This On? and it's focused on the complete insanity that is reality TV. Given how crazy that genre has become, we thought that it needed some examination. Every week, we watch an episode (or two) from a new reality show and try to make some sense of it. We're pretty new, but have done episodes ranging from current shows, like Married at First Sight, to some obscure gems, like Tool Academy. So, if you have some time, we'd really appreciate it if you would give our podcast a listen. We're super open to feedback and would LOVE to hear what you guys think! http://whoputthison.podomatic.com/ iTunes - https://itunes.apple...d924812285?mt=2