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  1. watchayakan

    Episode 59 — Paul Scheer, Our Close Friend

    Excuse me, are you the Master Blaster? Only MB can declare case closed.
  2. watchayakan

    Episode 59 — Paul Scheer, Our Close Friend

    waddup waddup! Those guys talking about all those reality stars made me think this was some kind of reality show show.
  3. watchayakan

    Episode 160 — Funky Kong

    I like it when they improv on something where their memory/knowledge is spotty, like with retro games they got about half the facts wrong and it just adds to the idea that these people that are supposed to be experts in this world are idiots.
  4. watchayakan

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Chuck Berry and John Lennon performing together ruined by Yoko Ono. http://youtu.be/h9kgu71d81U?t=1m