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  1. I guess the reference doesn't work if someone doesn't watch True Detective. ...is the dream of the '90s alive there?
  2. Hey souprman I just read the Ask the UCB thread and it's pretty funny how no one got that you were doing a bit, not even Besser.
  3. Wouldn't a better answer be fuck them in their ass with their wife's head on the front lawn?
  4. Hey Brett, did you know there are more cows and sheep each than people in Ireland? Crazy.
  5. Hayes is you alright? Do you need to talk to someone about issues and stuff?
  6. So excited to listen to this!
  7. Why is Obama trying to upstage Colt? Lame-o.
  8. My dog is quite appreciative.
  9. Hey guys after 7 (starting the day after my trip ended) days of having a cold and a fever I now apparently have an inner ear infection. Also when I picked my dog up from the kennel he had a rash. And my grandma is in the hospital for pneumonia and possibly cancer. Lesson: never go to Ireland.
  10. watchayakan

    Other podcasts?

    You just have to learn to live two lives, one that knows and loves S+H and the other which thinks any other content is pretty good even though you really know it's shit.
  11. What if I am not a dad and my dad was a lame duck and there is no Taco Bell within a hundred kilometres?
  12. I love Matt's contempt in the ad. Also, good episode.
  13. Guys, has Colt been giving us the whole story?!
  14. Guys, did I ever tell you about the time I saw Jean Grey's hooters in a shack?
  15. Let me guess, you deserve to go because you're a man and she doesn't because she's a woman?!
  16. RanRan, you're not dressed properly for the Teaser Freezer! You'll catch a cold!
  17. The fact that the only like for this post is from Norm is too perfect. I love the world sometimes.
  18. Well, Obama might just be on the guys' radar now, so he might get an invite.
  19. Really good episode. It's impossible to have a favourite with this podcast.
  20. This guy can't do anything with a cone on but manages to still get on the bed and take up all the room.
  21. Did you change your name to make Scott correct? If S+H ever read one of my PCG questions I'll change my name to however they pronounce it.
  22. Erin, in this tough economic climate, can you really live off of comedy?